31 December 2010

Meats and Treats for Eats

Meats and Treats for Eats

30 December 2010

At work the whole bunch

Got together for lunch.

It was a potluck affair

With an international flair.

The copious dining options on the tables

Started with salmon and mixed vegetables.

Then came wraps, beef stew, tortillas and refried beans;

Also, curry chicken and pancit from the Philippines

Carbs came from rice, French bread and rolls.

Fruits included oranges, apples and nectarines

Cut into bite-size pieces and served in bowls.

You could tell the chefs were no rookies.

In spite of the singed homemade cookies

The dessert offering of pudding cake was tasty,

Even tho the eating at my desk was a bit hasty.

There was soda to wash it all down.

It was a first-rate potluck, hands down.

24 December 2010

Humbug Plug

Humbug Plug
18 December 2010

By herd mentality and acting like a fool,
I decided to write a poem about Yule.
Somehow I got up the gumption
For an Ode to Conspicuous Consumption.
Starting even before Halloween
Christmas ornaments were seen.
Decorations were on display
Available in a wide array
Of themes, sizes and prices,
Obtainable with minimal sacrifices.
Unfortunately, my budget meant stopping
All unplanned impulse shopping.
Any bargain hunter or unwary buyer
Squares off with a marketing empire.
It’s enough to make me act like Scrooge
And head home for safety and refuge.

Nevertheless, for the first time in twenty
Plus years, I put up a holiday tree.
I got it cheap last year the-day-after
And have kept it stored above the rafter.
Putting up the tree gave me the pleasure
Of digging thru long buried treasure.
I got a chance to unpack
Ornaments from way back.
I must make a confession
To nostalgia possession.
I got a chance to recall
The occasion when each ball
Or decoration came into my life
All the way back to my ex-wife.
It’s been said that Christmas is for children,
But sometimes adults think way back when,
Adding to the anticipation
Of a memorable celebration.

18 December 2010

Termination Ruination

Just for fun...

Termination Ruination

29 November 2010

Imagine Melchizdeck

In a mock turtleneck

On the promenade deck

Without a traveler’s check.

Is that playing with a full deck

Or will it lead to ship wreck?

How about traveling a parsec

On the holodeck on Star Trek?

Oh, what the heck

Let’s throw an Aztec

And a Toltec

In with the high tech

All the way to Quebec.

In Defense of Self-Confidence

In Defense of Self-Confidence

12 December 2010

It used to take me long time to decide.

I was busy polling the personas inside.

In order to voice my intent

I had to get everyone’s consent.

That meant my choice had the verdict

Of God, church and family before I acted.

Then with their blessing and clearance,

My choice made its appearance.

We’re speaking of paralysis

By exhaustive analysis.

Now by recognizing the choice

That makes my heart rejoice,

Going against what I’ve been taught

Feels like I’m doing what I ought not.

But I’ve become a guilt forgetter

To make my quality of life better.

Still I have to tell myself in my position,

It’s okay act!

I don’t need anybody else’s permission

And that’s a fact.

12 December 2010

Cruise Meant Amusement

Cruise Meant Amusement

10 December 2010

On the bay, on the right,

From the city, light.

On the left in the sky

A crescent glowed up high.

Water like a broken mirror entrancing

Made the moonlight glitter dancing.

Refracted from up ahead

The bridge shone overhead.

While passing under the span,

Collect all the kisses you can.

Light sparkling in reflection

Came from every direction.

Each twinkle, shimmer and scintillation

An expression of wonder and celebration.

There was a chill in the air,

But magic shone everywhere.

Oh my, yes, outside was cold,

And the memories are pure gold.

04 December 2010

Meditation Disembarkation

Meditation Disembarkation

4 December 2010

Guided meditation imagery

Didn’t work for me.

The leader wanted us to reach

With our minds and picture the beach.

When I relax and meditate

My mind will always gravitate

To the canyonlands region

With memories by the legion.

With my back to the heights

It’s easy to set my sights

Out across the plateau

And down the canyon below.

On the horizon I take stock

In the faint view of Shiprock.

That’s the image I find

That always come to my mind.

At the shore my focus doesn’t stop,

I find my peace on the mountain top.

24 November 2010

This Yank’s Thanks

This Yank’s Thanks

22 November 2010

In this season and time of living

Comes the holiday of Thanksgiving.

Let’s approach the day with an attitude

Full of thankfulness and gratitude.

First off there’re the people in memory preservatives,

Ancestors, grandparents and other relatives,

All those who thru struggle and strife

Made it possible for us to enjoy life.

As children we grew and learned

Lessons for our professions

Then with that knowledge earned

Money for necessities and possessions.

Not to forget the many opportunities

That come from having civil liberties.

Let’s celebrate the ascension

Of society with each new invention.

My wish at this time of year

Is for you to be with those most dear.

21 November 2010

Our Power

Our Power

19 November 2010

We have the Bill of Rights and reason,

Not trite laws that make every act treason.


Tho everybody’s glad it there and it’s thorny like a cactus,

Congress shall make no law regulating religious practice.

As paradigms morph and the fundamentalists keep trying their best

Still officers shall be bound by oath or affirmation, but no religious test.

Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech.

Personal expression’s within everyone’s reach.

The government may not violate

The right of the people to congregate.

The People have a right to redress

Against any governmental excess.


This thought make liberals come unhinged,

The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.


No Soldier shall, in time of peace abide

In any house without the owner allied.


Whether participating in business or leisure

People have a right against unreasonable search and seizure.

No Warrant shall issue but upon probable cause

Supported by oath or affirmation that draws

A description of the place to be sought

And the persons or things to be brought.


No person shall be subject for the same offense

Twice, nor a witness against self-defense,

Nor be be deprived of life, liberty or property

Without due process of law and formality.


In all criminal prosecutions, regardless of style,

The accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy trial,

And not to worry

About the jury.


In Suits at common law, trial by jury shall not be thinned

And no fact tried by a jury shall be otherwise re-examined.


Excessive bail shall not be required or afflicted

Nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel punishments inflicted.


The enumeration of certain rights shall not be construed

To deny or disparage others retained by the multitude.


The powers not delegated to the United States administration

Are reserved to the States or the people of the nation.

Reasons for the constitution are annihilated

When the rights of the people are violated.

13 November 2010

Yen of Men

Yen of Men

13 November 2010

Driving away the day’s aggravation,

Hoping for a little affirmation,

Praying for no disappointment,

No fly in the ointment,

With a look of lust

He stared at her bust

Then with a thrust

On her say

Started banging away

Chugging like a train

Or a screen door in a hurricane

Going full tilt

All the way to the hilt

A full frontal attack

With no holding back

From the drive

To feel more alive

Bringing the sensation

And stimulation

To a culmination

Finally overloading

And exploding

Achieving exultation and jubilation

Confirmation and validation

That occasionally positive happens

And once in a while an average guy wins.

07 November 2010

Itch Blitz

Itch Blitz

6 November 2010

They bite my feet, ankles and calves

So I itch a lot and not by halves.

I itch from my toes to my knees

Bitten by vermin called fleas.

The itching bothers me more than you can tell

And I curse them all to the bottommost hell.

Surely fleas must have a natural foe

That can be introduced to make them go.

Meanwhile I suffer, tormented

By itching that has me demented.

With a poison aerosol bomb

I started my own plea pogrom.

I just want their biting to cease

So I can live my life in peace.

Please, fleas

Listen to my pleas,

Let me be

Itch free.

I’ll vacuum the floor

On my way out the door.

Then I’ll fumigate

The fleas I hate.

When the can works as intended

Their biting will be ended.

Let them breathe the plume

Of fumes that spells doom.

I’ll stop itching,

Quit my bitching,

Change the focus of my intention

And give quality of life my attention.

06 November 2010

Met on the Internet

Met on the Internet

31 October 2010

Although in life we’ve never met

I saw your face on the internet.

My heart was caught by surprise

By the look in your eyes.

While reading your profile

I just had to smile.

I was going to contact you for a date

Then I realized really you’re straight.

02 November 2010

Endure Procedure

A few days ago I heard that my second cousin goes to dialysis. This poem is dedicated to anyone who has ever been in the dentist's chair or the operating room as a patient.

Endure Procedure

26 October 2010

Do whatever it is you do,

And give my body back when you’re thru.

Regardless of the actions you take

Please, leave my body in reasonable shape.

Sometimes the pain

Is too much of a drain,

So to keep from becoming a wreck

I’ll just drop and hit the deck.

While you monitor my temperature

I’ll just lie here and snore.

Things will get better I’m sure

After I wake up stiff and sore.

Then the recovery will begin

And I hope to become myself again.

31 October 2010

Buy or Bye

Buy or Bye

28 October 2010

Bruce doesn’t want to botch

This chance to buy a watch.

It’s broken, tarnished, old

And listed on Ebay to be sold,

But it’s the first 14 karat gold.

Bruce states, “Can’t you see

It’s really important to me.

It solves a mystery

And adds to Pulsar history.”

Al says, “Bruce, honey,

We’re out of money.”

Bruce wants to hoard it.

Al thinks we can’t afford it.

My heart says, “Go!”

My logic says, “No.”

Well, it was bought

So we get what we got.

28 October 2010

Rites for Rights

Rites for Rights

28 October 2010

Phelps protested at Snyder’s son’s funeral

Although the son was a grunt, not a general.

This case of law and tort

Is before the Supreme Court.

The actions of Phelps and his church were detestable.

Also, these actions were mean-spirited, reprehensible,

Sinister, oppressive, deplorable and repugnant,

Demonstrating bad taste and poor judgement.

Unfortunately, Snyder’s claim must be rejected.

Phelps’ actions are constitutionally protected.

23 October 2010

Hit or Miss at the Office

Hit or Miss at the Office

29 August 2010

Of the people at work,

Who has which quirk?

Let’s observe and call it tourism

The studying somebody’s mannerism.

None of us has the privilege

Of being normal or average.

We all bear the taint

Of being a bit quaint.

Here at the North Central FRC

Most workers speak two languages or three.

Those who speak only one are a minority.

I guess that makes minorities the majority.

Behind their backs we call them stupidvisors,

But we rely on them as program advisors.

We could use names and such

But we all know who talks too much.

Somebody’s limited social skills

Consist of reporting their aches and ills.

Although the topic and news varies

We all know the business of the voice that carries.

Then there are those who are seldom heard.

We consider ourselves lucky when they utter a word.

Somebody else considers himself a poet

And wants the whole office to know it.

Another’s actions make it clear

She’s the princess here.

Although they’re clueless as can be

Somebody comes across as a wannabe celebrity.

In their home country there would be jail or fines,

But in America they get to wear plunging necklines.

Everybody brings cheer,

This I do believe,

Some when they get here

And some when they leave.

09 October 2010

Scenes of Jeans

Scenes of Jeans

24 June 2010

By all ways and means

Give me a man in jeans,

Wearing the worn & torn kind

That show off a little behind.

Where the cloth has worn thin

Let me look and see skin.

It makes me drool and smile

When a man goes commando style.

Not every guy has the gall

To flaunt custom and freeball.

Not to be too blunt

But I like holes in front.

It really gets me going

When your cock is showing.

Holes are an attention getter

And the more the better.

Let me see the hot rocket

You’ve got in your pocket.

Yes, wear jeans faded and worn

With holes that are ripped and torn.

I don’t care if they’re trashed or mesh

Just as long as you flash some flesh.

My intent diverts and vision distorts

When I see a man in short shorts.

Lift your legs in the air

Without any underwear,

Giving me an unobstructed view

To prove you’re a man thu and thru.

02 October 2010

Brief Relief

Brief Relief

16 Sept 2010

An American tourist

While visiting England

Decided to resist

Staying with the rest and

Strike out from the tour

To become his own chauffeur,

To taste the local culture

According to his own flavor.

At a nearby pub

He got a chance to rub

Elbows and his sample

Of drinks was very ample.

Later he finds himself on a road

The result of his over drinking

With no place to unload,

He turns to desperate thinking.

Fortunately for our veteran

He runs into a policeman.

“I have an urge I’m trying to beat.

Of all the houses with heirlooms

On this open public street

I don’t see any restrooms.”

“Follow me and I will show

A convenient place for you to go.”

Down a back alley, the small gate

Opened on a very well-appointed place

As beautiful as any he could relate

And the blooms looked ready for a vase.

After making the plants and grass wetter

He felt relieved and so much better.

“Thanks for letting me inside

And pass by with your pardon.”

“My pleasure,” the bobby replied,

“It’s the French Embassy’s garden.”

30 September 2010

Road Trip Companionship

Road Trip Companionship

27 Sept 2010

He’s no fuddy-duddy,

My traveling buddy.

Good company and pal,

That’s my close friend Al.

He doesn’t pause or hesitate

When I tell him where to navigate.

While he drives, I prize

The time to rest my eyes.

What? Oh, my stars!

He’s yelling at other cars,

Driving like he’s bit chomping

And irritated at brake stomping.

Looking like court jesters

They’re trading hand gestures,

She gave him the bird as she sped by.

A raised a fist was his irritated reply.

12 September 2010

Excrement Remnant

Excrement Remnant

11 Sept 2010

While raking & cleaning up my yard

I came across a dog’s calling card.

Some miscreant mutt had taken a poo,

But by now it was dehydrated doggy doo-doo.

I left it alone hoping rain would be moisturizer

Enough to degrade it into fertilizer.

07 September 2010

Circumcision Decision

Circumcision Decision

6 Sept 2010

Parents need to understand there's no obligation

To subject their boys to genital mutilation.

The result is lifetime mental scarification.

It's time to stop this circumcision abomination

And get over denial of harm by the whole nation.

04 September 2010

Writhing or Writing

Writhing or Writing

30 August 2010

Rhymes going thru my head

As I’m lying in bed

Trying to fall asleep.

Instead of counting sheep

Out of my chaotic thought river

I have couplets going thru my mind

Examining my vocabulary quiver

Just begging for me to find

A perfect place for them

In a paean or poem.

29 August 2010

John Locke Stumbling Block

John Locke Stumbling Block

2 August 2010

From John Locke’s “Two Treatises on Government” Introduction “...(I) cannot but confess myself mightly surprised that in a book which was to provide chains for all mankind, I should find nothing but a rope of sand, useful perhaps to such whose skill and business it is to raise a dust and would bind the people, the better to mislead them, but in truth not of any force to draw those into bondage who have their eyes open and so much sense about them as to consider that chains are but an ill wearing, however much care has been taken to file and polish them.”

Once in a while, upon ocassion

I ponder my religious persuasion.

Growing up innocent and unwary

I was told it was in my best interest

To serve as a Mormon missionary,

But unfortunately it left me depressed.

Following my excommunication

I wanted to make a religious determination.

Atheism in it’s superficiality

Had no ethics or morality.

By the way

Let me say

I am gay.

It seemed for me

The best church was MCC.

Their Jesus was easy to follow

Even if the theology was hard to swallow.

I had my precious Jesus, nevertheless

While on a camping trip I met the Goddess.

My quest was far reaching

To find any pagan teaching.

From commandments I was freed

By obeying the Wiccan Rede:

As long as the harm is nil,

Go and do as you will.

I noticed a dichotomy after a while

It had me puzzled and irked

In the neo-pagan lifestyle,

If magic really worked,

The disparity, which is

There are no rich witches.

One day while watching TV

I found my morality.

The program on evolution

Provided my ethical solution.

All life on earth

Is deserving of worth.

Everything living here

Has equal right to be there.

While growing up, when being overawed

All good things came from God.

While bad things and horrible circumstances

Were blamed on bad luck and happenstances.

Interesting how life seems to woo

And confirm any point of view.

Unfortunately, while it’s different than what’s wished,

While recognizing that no good deed goes unpunished

What goes around does come around

So let random acts of kindness abound.

Be a creator, not just a consumer.

And don’t forget sex and witty humor.

19 August 2010

Connecting The Dots

Connecting the Dots

I think I have been underestimating the power of sex. Let’s consider the holy trinity of love, sex and marriage. Because I’m gay until recently I only focused on putting love & marriage together. Anybody familiar with the way gay men act, knows that in the gay community frequently sex has nothing to do with emotions or commitment. Sex between men is a simple act of pleasure for pleasure’s sake. That’s where conservatives get their panties in a knot. Sex between a man and a woman takes negotiation, give a little to get a little. There’s the rub. Gays get lots of free and easy sex while for straight men it comes at a price.

The other day at work in the lunchroom I saw an older coworker holding hands with her husband. From past observations I know the woman is very religious. Then it hit me. She gets to have church and sex together. As an excommunicated gay man I had never connected religion and erotic that way before. The thought of sex with a woman doesn’t do anything for me, but the message I get from larger society is that sex with a woman feels very good. Now if you combined the emotional high of religious ecstasy with sexual ecstasy, you just couldn’t get any higher than that. Marriage frequently is a religious rite. Which puts sex under the church umbrella. Then after marriage, all societal messages and blessings are saying go for the gusto. In my life never having connected church and sex, I think I’ve been cheated.

Now let’s expand the religion-sex connection a bit. The way I understand it, suicide bombers make the sacrifice on the promise of sex in the afterlife. After all, what’s the point of having 72 virgins if you don’t get to deflower them? In Mormon theology, people are eventually resurrected with fully functioning bodies. And the faithful ones benefiting from Heavenly Father’s presence go on to become like Him, as gods themselves peopling other worlds with their own spirit children. Now just how do you suppose those spirit children come about? Could it be sex? In other words, obedient Mormons get to have sex forever; and not all with the same wife.

Maybe the way I connected love and marriage without sex can be twisted to an analogy of why straight men oppose gay marriage. Straight men, the power brokers in today’s world, having connected marriage and sex, are repulsed by the thought of marriage being represented by two men having sex. And don’t mention polyamory. They aren’t even going there. Maybe polygamy, but not polyamory.

Yes, I think I’ve been underestimating the power of sex. Life experience leads me to conclude that decisions are made emotionally then rationalized logically. Because some people can’t conceive of themselves in a same-gender marriage or polyamorous arrangement, they seek to deny those relationships to all others.

15 August 2010

Stongarm Poor Farm

Strongarm Poor Farm

13 August 2010

There’s an odd little ditty

They’re singing in the city.

It’s really not that pretty,

About the committee.

If you listen just right

You’ll start to see the light

Of who’s wrong, who’s right

And just who to indict.

Jerry and Donna were in the mayor’s race

Now they’ve done an aboutface

And they’re playing kissy face

With a very public embrace.

The issue is over who has been lax

And how to increase the sales tax.

The old boys pat each other’s backs

While the public has apolectic attacks.

Taxes on the docket

Send emotions on a rocket,

Will get the funds out of your pocket

So you pawn your mother’s locket.

30 July 2010

Gathering Blathering

BLW is going to have their gathering soon.

Gathering Blathering

30 July 2010

Come whoever you are

Worshiper of solitude,

Come from near and far

You who exude attitude.

Mundanes don’t understand

There’s not many like us

Scattered throughout the land.

Gathering is a great impetus,

A chance to be with our kind,

People with similar taste,

Mingle with others of like mind

And forget about the straitlaced.

Let’s celebrate our making,

Dancing naked in the sunlight

Worries we’ll be forsaking

While setting the world right.

29 July 2010

Dore Story

I went with my friend to the Dore Alley Street Fair last weekend.

Dore Story

25 July 2010

We went for a weekend stay

In San Francisco by the bay.

The sidewalks and gutters were dirty

But the cruising men were flirty.

The sky was overcast

But that didn’t last.

The sun played peek-a-boo

As we greeted a friend or two.

Although it was a bit cold

We found hot cocks to hold.

We thought it would do no harm

To go in the bar and get warm.

Gradually the temperature rose,

Men began to shed their clothes

And the guys started to play,

First one cock then two on display.

I tell you the truth, I’m not joking

Before long several men were stroking

Somebody else’s bone

If it wasn’t their own.

Early on the barback warned against sucking

But later on there was outright fucking.

Tits were stimulated

As men masturbated.

Having a slight headache

Made the music hard to take.

There was a sense of euphoria

Mixed with some claustrophobia.

It was hard for a cocksucker to kneel.

The crowd made it easy to cop a feel.

Orgasms later we got out of there

Just to get some fresh air.