29 August 2011

Sunshine Song

Sunshine Song
29 August 2011
Walking in the sunshine
Singing this sunshine song,
The simple notes of mine
Help move the day along.
As I go striding along
Feeling big and strong
This is where I belong.
Skipping in the sunshine
Caroling this sunshine song.
Not a cloud in sight.
Everything’s bold and bright
And the world’s all right.
Strolling in the sunshine
Humming this sunshine song.
What can I say?
No worries today
They all flew away.
Hiking in the sunshine
Belting out this sunshine song.
These simple notes of mine
Help the day move along.
Walking in the sunshine
Singing this sunshine song.

Here's where I posted it to You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/n2501znsd?feature=mhsn

25 August 2011

A Cause For Pause

A Cause For Pause

25 August 2011

I stopped to watch the sunset

As the sky’s color didn’t stay,

But evolved from yellow, to scarlet

And resolved in a purplish gray.

I was reminded of the saying,

“Stop and smell the roses.”

A full-bodied scent upon inhaling

Stimulates our noses

And excites the whole brain.

I realized anew that many wonders

Are simple and easy to attain.

Perhaps the message thunders,

“Stop!” “In this fortuitous moment

I don’t care what else is going on,

The world is on pause for this scent

Or this sunset that’s glowing on.

For a short time I’ll focus to be

Aware of what’s meaningful to me.”

17 August 2011

Visualization Culmination

Visualization Culmination

16 August 2011

I followed the voice

Directing me to visualize

My life and choice

In a super size.

The self-improvement guru

Thru guided visualization

Led a life review to

Behavior modification.

While imagining a hinderance

To my future objective,

Visualizing that chance

From a different perspective.

Where the choice is unmade

And the results get

Changed and replayed

To a different vignette.

I listened half sympathetic,

My personal learning mode

Is visual and kinesthetic

So my attention yo-yoed.

I didn’t write goals down

But I followed during

The imagination countdown

And values conjuring.

I was very surprised

At the outcome I got,

For mindfullness minimized

I felt like a freshman snot.

The exercise made me feel

Like I was much younger

About the college age ideal

With a curiosity hunger.

However, I got to keep

Knowledge and experience

So the price was cheap

Even tho it didn’t make sense.