26 July 2011

Leather at the Pride Parade

Leather at the Pride Parade

18 July 2011

I walked with my friend over to the parade

Staging area, hugging friends along the way.

Eventually we found the leather cavalcade

As the sun burned the marine layer away.

Along with socializing, Wish supplied

Water and nourishment for our benefit.

My sunscreen got shared and applied

Guarding against sunburn’s stealthy hit.

Titleholders stood around in discourses

With Mama’s people and upstarts.

Three members dressed like horses

Complete with harnesses and carts.

There was a gentle breeze along the route

That kept us cool, natural ventilation.

The rest of the country can eat its heart out,

Jealous of San Diego’s location.

The crowds were enthusiastic, cheering

And applauding as we passed their mark,

People lined the street gawking and peering

From Normal Street to Balboa Park.

15 July 2011

Sick Trick

Sick Trick

13 July 2011

How often do we listen to the shrillness

Of conversations about illness?

There was the first grade tonsillectomy,

Then in junior high an appendectomy,

After the last child came a hysterectomy

And last month was a lumpectomy.

Complaining and comparing aches, pains,

Sickness and operations pays dividends

In the form of unintended secondary gains

By helping us stay in touch with friends.

Without a medical history to flout

What else would we talk about?