26 May 2015

Romancer Answer

Romancer Answer
23 May 2015

My love is like a blossom
Or a beautiful bloom.
The feeling is awesome,
Like a heady perfume.

Sadly, flowers don’t last long
And the petals quickly drop.
I hope my ardor proves to be strong,
Strong enough to come out on top.

I don’t usually give cut flowers.
Their beauty fades, goes pretty fast.
Blooms may express love’s powers,
But I want my love to go on and last.

Let my love be something that endures.
Perhaps, of a substance yet unknown
To represent my love as it matures.
Maybe I want beauty carved in stone.

Stone won’t change in my lifetime.
A statuette would only gather dust.
Should I celebrate with a rhyme?
Sure, poetry will keep my love robust.