27 June 2015

No Fooling, Final Ruling

No Fooling, Final Ruling
27 June 2015

Any lesbian or queer fairy
Has a legal right to marry.
This bitter debate hasn’t cooled,
But the Supreme Court has ruled.
We get to count as people, too;
And merit just the same as you.
To me it seems that no one boasts,
Only rejoices in their online posts.
The affirmed sense of pride
And worthiness I have inside
Heightens the way that I feel
To make my love seem more real.

22 June 2015

My Monticello Man

Inspired by Kenneth Adams & Kik Grant.

My Monticello Man
9 June 2015

Second only to loving me,
He cherishes his family.
He shows how much he cares
By the things he shares.
Holding on to his clan,
That’s my Monticello man.

Some promises are pressured,
But he always keeps his word.
His words are plain and sincere.
He’s determined to hang in there,
Finishing what he began.
That’s my Monticello man.

Manipulation is for the birds,
He was raised with high standards.
He’s hard working and reliable.
His integrity’s undeniable.
Doing the best that he can,
That’s my Monticello man.

While displaying innocence
He reacts with patience.
Mostly following society’s views,
He keeps traditions and values.
A cut above the common Everyman,
That’s my Monticello man.

16 June 2015

Grandma Published Again

For a second time The Australia Times has published one of my grandmother's poems that I submitted.
If you type 67 in the little box, top center, you'll go right to her poem.