30 September 2010

Road Trip Companionship

Road Trip Companionship

27 Sept 2010

He’s no fuddy-duddy,

My traveling buddy.

Good company and pal,

That’s my close friend Al.

He doesn’t pause or hesitate

When I tell him where to navigate.

While he drives, I prize

The time to rest my eyes.

What? Oh, my stars!

He’s yelling at other cars,

Driving like he’s bit chomping

And irritated at brake stomping.

Looking like court jesters

They’re trading hand gestures,

She gave him the bird as she sped by.

A raised a fist was his irritated reply.

12 September 2010

Excrement Remnant

Excrement Remnant

11 Sept 2010

While raking & cleaning up my yard

I came across a dog’s calling card.

Some miscreant mutt had taken a poo,

But by now it was dehydrated doggy doo-doo.

I left it alone hoping rain would be moisturizer

Enough to degrade it into fertilizer.

07 September 2010

Circumcision Decision

Circumcision Decision

6 Sept 2010

Parents need to understand there's no obligation

To subject their boys to genital mutilation.

The result is lifetime mental scarification.

It's time to stop this circumcision abomination

And get over denial of harm by the whole nation.

04 September 2010

Writhing or Writing

Writhing or Writing

30 August 2010

Rhymes going thru my head

As I’m lying in bed

Trying to fall asleep.

Instead of counting sheep

Out of my chaotic thought river

I have couplets going thru my mind

Examining my vocabulary quiver

Just begging for me to find

A perfect place for them

In a paean or poem.