28 August 2014

Estuary Sanctuary

My muse has me channeling the blues.

Estuary Sanctuary
17 August 2014

Let me tell you what happened,
Share my story, if you're willing.
While over visiting a friend
We were laid back, just chilling
When suddenly the cops busted in.
Somebody must have ratted on us.
A slimy traitor we trusted in
Turned all snitch and dishones'.
To me it was just a little toke,
Just a wee puff of weed.
To the cop it was no joke
Tho justice was miscarried.
I'm running from the law
In the state of Arkansas.

While visiting shirttail relations,
We started playing stud poker.
I thought I knew the regulations
Even tho my cousin's a known joker.
You know how the talk goes around
Dissing each other while gaming,
Trying to outdo each other's putdown.
A misunderstanding led to my framing.
Now I'm on the lam
In the land of Alabam.

In the region of rice and beans
I found refuge in New Orleans.
In that jazzy city
Finally somebody had pity.
There among the Cajun queens
Using cagy ways and means,
My hard efforts do the trick
To make a living by sucking dick.