31 December 2010

Meats and Treats for Eats

Meats and Treats for Eats

30 December 2010

At work the whole bunch

Got together for lunch.

It was a potluck affair

With an international flair.

The copious dining options on the tables

Started with salmon and mixed vegetables.

Then came wraps, beef stew, tortillas and refried beans;

Also, curry chicken and pancit from the Philippines

Carbs came from rice, French bread and rolls.

Fruits included oranges, apples and nectarines

Cut into bite-size pieces and served in bowls.

You could tell the chefs were no rookies.

In spite of the singed homemade cookies

The dessert offering of pudding cake was tasty,

Even tho the eating at my desk was a bit hasty.

There was soda to wash it all down.

It was a first-rate potluck, hands down.

24 December 2010

Humbug Plug

Humbug Plug
18 December 2010

By herd mentality and acting like a fool,
I decided to write a poem about Yule.
Somehow I got up the gumption
For an Ode to Conspicuous Consumption.
Starting even before Halloween
Christmas ornaments were seen.
Decorations were on display
Available in a wide array
Of themes, sizes and prices,
Obtainable with minimal sacrifices.
Unfortunately, my budget meant stopping
All unplanned impulse shopping.
Any bargain hunter or unwary buyer
Squares off with a marketing empire.
It’s enough to make me act like Scrooge
And head home for safety and refuge.

Nevertheless, for the first time in twenty
Plus years, I put up a holiday tree.
I got it cheap last year the-day-after
And have kept it stored above the rafter.
Putting up the tree gave me the pleasure
Of digging thru long buried treasure.
I got a chance to unpack
Ornaments from way back.
I must make a confession
To nostalgia possession.
I got a chance to recall
The occasion when each ball
Or decoration came into my life
All the way back to my ex-wife.
It’s been said that Christmas is for children,
But sometimes adults think way back when,
Adding to the anticipation
Of a memorable celebration.

18 December 2010

Termination Ruination

Just for fun...

Termination Ruination

29 November 2010

Imagine Melchizdeck

In a mock turtleneck

On the promenade deck

Without a traveler’s check.

Is that playing with a full deck

Or will it lead to ship wreck?

How about traveling a parsec

On the holodeck on Star Trek?

Oh, what the heck

Let’s throw an Aztec

And a Toltec

In with the high tech

All the way to Quebec.

In Defense of Self-Confidence

In Defense of Self-Confidence

12 December 2010

It used to take me long time to decide.

I was busy polling the personas inside.

In order to voice my intent

I had to get everyone’s consent.

That meant my choice had the verdict

Of God, church and family before I acted.

Then with their blessing and clearance,

My choice made its appearance.

We’re speaking of paralysis

By exhaustive analysis.

Now by recognizing the choice

That makes my heart rejoice,

Going against what I’ve been taught

Feels like I’m doing what I ought not.

But I’ve become a guilt forgetter

To make my quality of life better.

Still I have to tell myself in my position,

It’s okay act!

I don’t need anybody else’s permission

And that’s a fact.

12 December 2010

Cruise Meant Amusement

Cruise Meant Amusement

10 December 2010

On the bay, on the right,

From the city, light.

On the left in the sky

A crescent glowed up high.

Water like a broken mirror entrancing

Made the moonlight glitter dancing.

Refracted from up ahead

The bridge shone overhead.

While passing under the span,

Collect all the kisses you can.

Light sparkling in reflection

Came from every direction.

Each twinkle, shimmer and scintillation

An expression of wonder and celebration.

There was a chill in the air,

But magic shone everywhere.

Oh my, yes, outside was cold,

And the memories are pure gold.

04 December 2010

Meditation Disembarkation

Meditation Disembarkation

4 December 2010

Guided meditation imagery

Didn’t work for me.

The leader wanted us to reach

With our minds and picture the beach.

When I relax and meditate

My mind will always gravitate

To the canyonlands region

With memories by the legion.

With my back to the heights

It’s easy to set my sights

Out across the plateau

And down the canyon below.

On the horizon I take stock

In the faint view of Shiprock.

That’s the image I find

That always come to my mind.

At the shore my focus doesn’t stop,

I find my peace on the mountain top.