22 March 2012

Terse Verse

Terse Verse
22 March 2012

How should I frame a thought
To make it sparkle and shine?
As a terse verse it ought
To turn out just fine,
Stated short and sublime
Rolling line by line
With rhythm and rhyme.

20 March 2012

Iridescent Present

Iridescent Present
20 March 2012

While washing pots and pans from my stew,
As the dishwater went down the drink,
Soap bubbles formed and sun refracting thru
Gave me double rainbows in my sink.

16 March 2012

Road Trip Friendship

Road Trip Friendship
15 March 2012

Thankful for the safe trip,
The catching up, gossip
And genial fellowship;
Grateful for what happened,
How the events opened
And for rest at the end;
I'll put today to bed,
Crawl under the spread
And lay down my head.

13 March 2012

Swooner For Crooner

Swooner For Crooner 
12 March 2012
Dedicated to Engelbert Humperdink, Roger Whittaker and etc.

Listening to the songs without a toll
On the radio, the balladeer belts out
As his voice vibrates into my soul,
Thru closed eyes a tear melts out.

For a few precious minutes
Life slows to a pause
Then quickens when in struts
The singer who overawes.

The voice makes me feel deep down
Like I haven't in a long time.
It takes me back to my hometown
When all the songs had rhyme.

In my mind I'm young once more.
Listening to music from the past
With an orchestration score
Gives me feelings I want to last.

11 March 2012

Tadpole Scoundrel

Tadpole Scoundrel
11 March 2012

Early on at the start
With a twinkle in his eye
He up and stole my heart
And I let that slide by.
Now he's gotten bolder
And takes my cell phone
From its magnetic holder
Carried near my hip bone.
I've learned from past experience
So now my phone isn't trespassed.
It's turned off at my convenience
And any charges are bypassed.