30 December 2012

Reform By Rainstorm

Reform By Rainstorm
30 December 2012

Darkness gathers at noon
From the clouds of a monsoon.
I watch the heavy rain
From my upper windowpane,
Looking at the cars dash
Down the street with a splash.
The drops coming in sputters
Overflow and fill the gutters.
As the water gushes and sloshes
It thoroughly rinses and washes.
Afterwards the yards'll appear
With a fresh-scrubbed atmosphere.
The air'll smell pure and clean,
Invigorating and pristine.
On Facebook, I'm glad to get by
Inside where it's warm and dry.

24 December 2012

View Adieu

View Adieu
22 December 2012

By a series of jerks and tugs,
The old man awkwardly lugs
His familiar rocking chair
From it's usual spot to where
The best view appears.
Then he takes down the sheers
For an unobstructed sight
Of the winter solstice sunset.
He sits to catch the daylight,
Then he half-stands to reset
The rocker with a final salvo
So the sun is centered in his window.
He didn't always get to enjoy sunsets.
Much of life was earning a livelihood,
One of his best retirement assets
Is having time to enjoy as he should.
Only by glances can he watch the grand show.
On this eve of the longest darkness,
This late in the day, the sun's glow
Hurts his eyes to look at its starkness.
When the sun goes behind a tree.
The light decreases slightly.
Moving at its own stately pace,
The sun slowly slides with grace
Paralleling a palm tree trunk.
When the sun's two-thirds shrunk,
He stands to watch the radiance
Gradually diminish in brilliance.
Finally, the last sunbeams peek
Thru a tree branch's leak.
When the show's over, he tows
His chair back to where it goes.

Actually, he's not like he's made out to be
Because he's really just little ol' me.

14 December 2012

Decide Suicide?

My heart goes out to all the families and victims of the Sandy Hook school. This poem is totally unrelated to that event, just happened to get published on the same day.

Decide Suicide?
14 December 2012

I tried my best to be good,
According to how I was taught,
In the way I understood,
Behaving as I ought.
That finally reached a point
Of diminishing positive returns.
My thinking became counterpoint
To considering suicide concerns.
Other people in my situation
Chose bringing to completion
An end of the aggravation
By despairing self-deletion.
My try resulted in a broken bone,
So I survived to live another day.
Slowly I got stronger on my own.
Now, I'm happily living my way.
I wear what pleases me.
Perhaps it's questionable
To the greater society,
But it makes me whole.
I think modesty is a false value
So there are holes in my clothes.
That might bring shame to you,
But men like that are my heroes.

12 December 2012

Guider and Cider

On Monday I had coffee with a Facebook friend who is a life coach.

Guider and Cider
11 December 2012

I enjoyed chatting over coffee,
Although we had chocolate and cider.
Thanks for the time and talking to me
Like a confidential insider.
The conversational incentive
Covering of topics was satisfactory.
Thanks for being attentive
While I bragged about my poetry.
I felt uplifted and challenged,
While discussing your approach
And my internal peace was impinged,
By your thoughts on being a life coach.
Since kinesthetic learning is my style,
I didn't feel the full consequences
Until I started moving around after a while.
As I understand the sequences
A good life coach influences
Finding your passion and voice.
I think I'm already there.
My passion is poetry and my choice
Is to make it a business affair.
At this point I need help with advertising.
Can you help me with that or refer me
To someone who's good at publicizing,
Whose personality would prefer me?

04 December 2012

Decoration Commemoration

Decoration Commemoration
4 December 2012

The heavy box makes it awkward
To haul down the fake evergreen.
Place the base and set it upward,
Then adjust the tips in between
The lights with just the right flair.
Retrieve the ornaments from storage.
Unbox and unwrap, handling with care,
Then hang, being attentive to moorage.
Nostalgia comes from old ornaments
Like a set of angels from coworker
Who since died, evoking sentiments
Of sadness but not a real tearjerker.
A recent acquisition of woven cloth,
Ribbon and stick pins, the prettiest
Given by its maker who is no sloth.
He has since passed the bar test
The most sentimental is from an ex.
It brings back memories of visiting.
Glass crystals catching light reflects
My mood to make the occasion exciting.