04 December 2012

Decoration Commemoration

Decoration Commemoration
4 December 2012

The heavy box makes it awkward
To haul down the fake evergreen.
Place the base and set it upward,
Then adjust the tips in between
The lights with just the right flair.
Retrieve the ornaments from storage.
Unbox and unwrap, handling with care,
Then hang, being attentive to moorage.
Nostalgia comes from old ornaments
Like a set of angels from coworker
Who since died, evoking sentiments
Of sadness but not a real tearjerker.
A recent acquisition of woven cloth,
Ribbon and stick pins, the prettiest
Given by its maker who is no sloth.
He has since passed the bar test
The most sentimental is from an ex.
It brings back memories of visiting.
Glass crystals catching light reflects
My mood to make the occasion exciting.

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