12 December 2012

Guider and Cider

On Monday I had coffee with a Facebook friend who is a life coach.

Guider and Cider
11 December 2012

I enjoyed chatting over coffee,
Although we had chocolate and cider.
Thanks for the time and talking to me
Like a confidential insider.
The conversational incentive
Covering of topics was satisfactory.
Thanks for being attentive
While I bragged about my poetry.
I felt uplifted and challenged,
While discussing your approach
And my internal peace was impinged,
By your thoughts on being a life coach.
Since kinesthetic learning is my style,
I didn't feel the full consequences
Until I started moving around after a while.
As I understand the sequences
A good life coach influences
Finding your passion and voice.
I think I'm already there.
My passion is poetry and my choice
Is to make it a business affair.
At this point I need help with advertising.
Can you help me with that or refer me
To someone who's good at publicizing,
Whose personality would prefer me?

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