27 February 2012

Mademoiselle Lorielle

Mademoiselle Lorielle
27 February 2012

There's a smile on my face
And joy fills my heart
Because an event took place,
A new life got it's start.
Lorielle was born this afternoon,
A healthy baby girl at full-term.
For her mother it wasn't too soon.
Of that she was loud and firm.
She was tired of being with child. 
Not that the baby was unplanned,
It's just the discomforts piled
Up and inconveniences got out of hand.
Now she can relax and ensure
Her new baby's care and keeping
While dreaming about its future
And drift off to sleeping.

25 February 2012

Discourse Resource

Discourse Resource
25 February 2012

In getting to know you better,
I try to understand and empathize
By conversation as your newsletter
To see the world thru your eyes.

15 February 2012

Do-Good Misunderstood

Do-Good Misunderstood
15 February 2012

After the baby girl was baptized,
The four-year-old brother cried
On the way home traumatized.
In the back seat he turned aside.
"What's the matter, my star son?"
Asked the concerned matron.
Johnny sobbed out, "The parson
Said that he hoped the wee one
Would be raised Christian like his
Praying to and praising Jesus,
But the problem with that plan is
I wanted her to stay and please us."

14 February 2012

Valentine’s Day 2012

Valentine’s Day 2012
14 February 2012
On this special occasion
I just wanted to say,
With the voice of persuasion,
“Happy Valentine’s Day!”
I hope it’s a lovely delight
And filled with friendly cheer;
Then at the end of the night
You get naked with someone dear.

07 February 2012

Right Way Overnight Stay

Right Way Overnight Stay
6 February 2012

There's a smile on my face
And joy deep in my heart.
All day thru at my place
My thoughts get a kick start
Recalling to my mind
The recent visit with you.
Lounging around, inclined 
To taking our sweet time to 
Talk of this or that event,
Letting me acertain
That our time in retirement
Is pure gravy train.
I say thanks again for 
The omission of formality
And the pleasant ardor
Of gracious hospitality.