12 July 2017

Healed Yield

Healed Yield
26 June 2017

“You never want a drink until the well runs dry.”
You don’t miss something that’s always there.
Suddenly, one day it’s gone and there’s an outcry.
For me, symptoms came the same as wear and tear.
One, then another affliction came to my attention.
None, by itself, was important enough to mention.
After a road trip, my hearing was diminished.
One ear was partially, then fully blocked;
Making words and music on that side hushed.
It was hard to gauge my volume as I talked.
Also, a sore spot under my tongue
Made it hard to vocalize and chew.
My personal song of life went unsung.
I discussed with my doctor each issue.
My physician prescribed a medication
Because of the results of my lab test.
I took the drug for my edification
And it’s benefits quickly manifest.
Now my mouth’s better, so I can talk.
My hearing’s cleared up, so both ears function.
I move, so there’s no problem with my walk.
I’m grateful to be at a healthy junction.
There’s a feeling of well-being where I dwell.
It’s like there’s fresh water in my well.

20 June 2017

a.m. Gem

a.m. Gem
19 June 2017

After the end of a dark night
Comes the gentle morning light.
The sun’s warmth feels like a shower,
Unlike midday rays that overpower.
I can enjoy exposure without concern,
Without risking any pesky sunburn.
It’s a peaceful, pleasant way 
To get going and start my day.

03 June 2017

At Most A Toast

At Most A Toast
30 May 2017

Thoughts and a toast to the newlyweds!
Hopefully, from your warmhearted parents
You learned how not to be boneheads,
But life skills made their appearance;
Like how to reconcile a bank account
And how to change a car’s flat tire.
From siblings, thinking of the amount,
Of years spent fighting with fire,
You have now let hostilities cease.
With an armed truce, there’s peace.

A happy marriage extender
Takes additional personal skills.
First you experience surrender,
When limerence brings thrills.
Surrendering to love has its importance.
Later, personal needs will surface,
So you’ll need to learn to balance
To meet the demands of spousal service.
In the future, adding a child will make 
For a triangular teeter-totter;
Dragging more tests in its wake,
Making for a trial by fire and water,
And requiring powers of persuasion.
Lastly, here’s to this happy occasion.

25 May 2017

Love-In At Donovan

Love-In At Donovan
22 May 2017

I went to jail yesterday.
It was at Donovan state prison,
But I didn’t have to stay.
The occasion was a TEDx exposition.
Half of the speakers were from inside
And half of them were outside invitations.
All gave their speeches with pride
In spite of the facility’s limitations.
The theme was “Beyond the Surface,
Not judging a book by its cover;
Looking past another’s epidermis
To find all there is to discover.
After the speeches was socializing
With guests and inmates freely mixing.
Conversations ranged without specializing
Or having authorities doing the fixing.
For me the event was very positive
And I hope there’ll be repercussions.
The impact’ll make all more sensitive
And lead to productive discussions,
More dialog and experience exchanges
That eventually cause policy changes.

02 May 2017

Yearning For Returning

Biltmore House
Bass Pond

Golden Azalea





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Yearning For Returning

26 April 2017

I’d like to go back once more.
Tell the Inn to save me a room
To see flowers at the Biltmore
When the azaleas are in bloom.
Let me visit when the tulips blossom
And the hanging wisteria’s awesome.
I love the colors of the pansies
That match to hues of the daisies.
I want to explore the conservatory
That shows off varieties of hybrids,
Including an amazing begonia variety
And bountiful sprays of orchids.
Let me stroll down to the Bass Pond
To see the brick bridge reflected,
The calm water and the trees beyond;
So my joie de vivre gets resurrected.

25 April 2017

Meal Appeal

Meal Appeal

19 April 2017

Dinner wasn’t normal comfort food
With the usual texture and taste.
This meal came with attitude
And it wasn’t made in haste.
The flavors were an attention getter.
The different presentation was no decoy.
Dinner wasn’t comfort food; it was better.
So my taste buds are dancing for joy!

13 April 2017

Body Haul On A Rock Wall

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Body Haul On A Rock Wall
8 April 2017

Fingers gripping and toes upholding
The climber rises like a slow kite.
With concentration and skill molding,
Defying gravity to reach a new height.
The crosswind erratically tugs
As the rock climber slowly advances,
On the way up positioning lugs,
Securing the climbing mate’s chances
Of a successful mountaineering.
The buddy retrieving anchors as she goes,
Sometimes requiring body engineering
And the shifting of equipment cargos.
At the top, another anchor will suffice,
Then long ropes are thrown down.
The descent is belayed thru a device.
With the ropes placed, they go to town.
Going up and down becomes child’s play
And a pleasant way to end the day.

29 March 2017

Old Friends’ Dividends

Old Friends’ Dividends
27 March 2017

Like a flower’s lingering scent
I remember the time we spent.
Like the candle’s smell
After it’s been blown out,
Mentally I rehash and retell
Of us having dinner out.
We spoke of days gone by,
And remembering with a sigh
Gravy over bread as humble pie.
Contrast growing up in poverty
To us here and now eating out.
We could take the liberty
To order shrimp as it turned out.
Love and goodwill were traded.
A good time was had by all.
Sympathy and friendliness pervaded
The good-byes at withdrawal.
The memory’s been enshrined
To a special place in my mind.

17 March 2017

Bloom Boom

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Bloom Boom
16 March 2017

It’s called a super bloom
By reporters in the newsroom.
Winter rain’s brought out desert flowers.
There’s been enough to end the drought,
From barely sprinkles to thundershowers.
Nicer weather is bringing people out
To see the verdant growth mushrooming
And the vibrant hues sprouting.
It looks like a carpet blooming
And the perfect excuse for an outing.

18 February 2017

Cash Music

New Website

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