04 December 2017

Heart-warming And Charming

Heart-warming And Charming

28 November 2017

Your beauty welcomes me.
Your visual appeal touches me
And goosebumps manifest
To make me feel blessed.
Good looks come from symmetry, 
Proportion and repetition,
Like in the marble parquetry.
All three are done to perfection.
Everywhere, underfoot and overhead,
Is elegance and loveliness.
Prettiness and grandeur are wed
Into luxury and courtliness.
The paucity of my treasury
Prevents me from staying long.
My enjoyment must be momentary,
Short, like I don't belong.
The fleeting moments are stowed,
In my memory where they won't corrode,
To warm my heart with grandness
From the sparks of beauty's flame.
In times of poverty and blandness,
I reflect back on your lovely acclaim.

16 November 2017

‘I Want To Write’ Rewrite

‘I Want To Write’ Rewrite

27 October 2017
Original by Margaret Walker

I want to write, not just anything.
I wanna write the songs of my folks.
I want to hear them singing melodies in the evening.
I wanna record the strains rising from their throats
As they form their dreams into words; their souls into notes.
I wanna catch their sunshine laughter in a bowl
As they fling dark hands to a darker sky and some
Reach to fill their hands full of stars.
Then they crush and mix such lights until they become
A mirrored pool of brilliance in Mason jars.

I Want To Write
by Margaret Walker

I want to write
I want to write the songs of my people.
I want to hear them singing melodies in the dark.
I want to catch the last floating strains from their sob-torn throats.
I want to frame their dreams in to words; their souls into notes.
I want to catch their sunshine laughter in a bowl;
fling dark hands to a darker sky
and fill them full of stars
then crush and mix such lights till they become
a mirrored pool of brilliance in the dawn.

29 October 2017

Guidelines Road Signs

Guidelines Road Signs

27 October 2017

While traveling on vacation,
Anywhere across the nation,
Look for signs high and low
So you know where to go.
Hoping that by using GPS
You’ll avoid getting lost,
And steer clear of any mess
That would add to the cost.
In an unfamiliar location
It’s easy to misinterpret
The guidepost’s indication
And decide the right gambit.
In cities with multiple lanes
Sometimes it’s hard to see
Which way is right and pertains
Or leads to missed opportunity.
One wrong turn and suddenly
You have to get back on track.
The map app helps certainly
When you’re out of whack.
Still it’s a traffic matter 
Of being in the right place
So you don’t go splatter
From being in the wrong space.

20 October 2017

Fit Benefit

Fit Benefit

9 October 2017

Today my personal power and wealth
Are indicated by my good health.
I’m strong enough that whatever life’s endeavor,
Today I feel like I could live forever.
This internal sense of superiority
Comes from my very own authority.
I don’t need any one else’s permission,
For sure I’m not bowing in submission.
I’m grateful for my physique’s agility
And all that gives me a sense of virility.
Even if I’m the one and only witness,
I’ll celebrate to honor my fitness.

04 October 2017

Xenophobia Phobia

Xenophobia Phobia

2 October 2017

As I juggle my internal struggle,
Emotion says they’re strange.
Logic says it’s time to change.
It’s hard to predict my inner conflict.
One part gives an unalike sermon,
Another whispers we’re all human.
One idea that I wrestle
Is they’re not people to nestle,
Versus we’re all in the same vessel.
Eternally I grapple internally
With an urge of what I ought
Against all rational thought.
I have notions of conflicting emotions,
Of wishing others ill and harm
Or keeping them safe and warm.
By day and night, myself I fight;
Against impulse to ignore and deny
Hoping my better self comes by.
As I blunder, sometimes I wonder
If it’s innate, this instinct to hate
Or if I can overcome that trait.

11 September 2017

Jubilation And Appreciation

Jubilation And Appreciation

10 Sept 2017

My day began with joy and thanksgiving.
The joy in my heart comes from my inner child
And thanksgiving arises from this life I’m living.
Since my everyday ego and inner child reconciled,
There’s been an attitudinal and behavioral change.
I no longer have a compulsion for perfection.
I efficiently do my tasks and act to rearrange
My way of doing things and my personal direction.
One day I realized that it doesn’t matter,
How I dress doesn’t matter a lot.
Nobody will remember that stain or splatter.
My chore order isn’t the final upshot.
As long as the final result pleases me
Nitpicking doesn’t matter anymore.
I get to do whatever appeases me
And make the mundane less of a chore.

16 August 2017

Squirting And Hurting

Squirting And Hurting
11 August 2017

My trigger finger’s itchin’.
I’ve got ants crawling everywhere
They’re all over my kitchen, 
In my cupboards, in my silverware! 
Insecticide has its own smell.
It’s not perfume that I can tell.
But I’m out squirtin’ fragrance
Doing my best to be hurtin’ ants.

What ants like isn’t for me to presume
They’re crawling in my bathtub.
And all over my powder room.
I’ll give that place a good scrub.
Insecticide has its own smell.
It’s not perfume that I can tell.
But I’m out squirtin’ fragrance
Doing my best to be hurtin’ ants.

Ants are on my computer desk.
There’s one on my reading glasses.
It’s not gonna be picturesque,
When I spray to kill their asses.
Insecticide has its own smell.
It’s not perfume that I can tell.
But I’m out squirtin’ fragrance
Doing my best to be hurtin’ ants.

06 August 2017

Can Keeper And Bottle Reaper

19 July 2017

Up and down the alleys and streets
The pedal-powered urban gleaners toil.
They seek and sort for their treats.
Although they don’t harvest from soil.
In the evening and thru the night
They pick thru curbside recycling bins.
Bottles and cans bring them delight.
The looted booty becoming bagged burdens.
The reprocessables are taken to be reclaimed
To be itemized by weight or count.
Then a store voucher can be claimed
And redeemed for food or a cash amount.
In a gray area, the urban gleaners
Search and sort for their livelihood.
They may be vilified for their demeanors,
But they’re good for the neighborhood.

23 July 2017

Hair Care

Hair Care
14 July 2017

The fine hair floats down into my face.
After treatment by a brush and comb,
It doesn’t like to stay in one place.
It wants to wander away from home.
I don’t want to look too grubby
Even tho I’m thoroughly male.
One simple solution would be
To wear my hair in a ponytail.
Also, I could get all-day relief
By restraining my hair with a handkerchief.

12 July 2017

Healed Yield

Healed Yield
26 June 2017

“You never want a drink until the well runs dry.”
You don’t miss something that’s always there.
Suddenly, one day it’s gone and there’s an outcry.
For me, symptoms came the same as wear and tear.
One, then another affliction came to my attention.
None, by itself, was important enough to mention.
After a road trip, my hearing was diminished.
One ear was partially, then fully blocked;
Making words and music on that side hushed.
It was hard to gauge my volume as I talked.
Also, a sore spot under my tongue
Made it hard to vocalize and chew.
My personal song of life went unsung.
I discussed with my doctor each issue.
My physician prescribed a medication
Because of the results of my lab test.
I took the drug for my edification
And it’s benefits quickly manifest.
Now my mouth’s better, so I can talk.
My hearing’s cleared up, so both ears function.
I move, so there’s no problem with my walk.
I’m grateful to be at a healthy junction.
There’s a feeling of well-being where I dwell.
It’s like there’s fresh water in my well.