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25 April 2017

Meal Appeal

Meal Appeal

19 April 2017

Dinner wasn’t normal comfort food
With the usual texture and taste.
This meal came with attitude
And it wasn’t made in haste.
The flavors were an attention getter.
The different presentation was no decoy.
Dinner wasn’t comfort food; it was better.
So my taste buds are dancing for joy!

13 April 2017

Body Haul On A Rock Wall

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Body Haul On A Rock Wall
8 April 2017

Fingers gripping and toes upholding
The climber rises like a slow kite.
With concentration and skill molding,
Defying gravity to reach a new height.
The crosswind erratically tugs
As the rock climber slowly advances,
On the way up positioning lugs,
Securing the climbing mate’s chances
Of a successful mountaineering.
The buddy retrieving anchors as she goes,
Sometimes requiring body engineering
And the shifting of equipment cargos.
At the top, another anchor will suffice,
Then long ropes are thrown down.
The descent is belayed thru a device.
With the ropes placed, they go to town.
Going up and down becomes child’s play
And a pleasant way to end the day.

29 March 2017

Old Friends’ Dividends

Old Friends’ Dividends
27 March 2017

Like a flower’s lingering scent
I remember the time we spent.
Like the candle’s smell
After it’s been blown out,
Mentally I rehash and retell
Of us having dinner out.
We spoke of days gone by,
And remembering with a sigh
Gravy over bread as humble pie.
Contrast growing up in poverty
To us here and now eating out.
We could take the liberty
To order shrimp as it turned out.
Love and goodwill were traded.
A good time was had by all.
Sympathy and friendliness pervaded
The good-byes at withdrawal.
The memory’s been enshrined
To a special place in my mind.

17 March 2017

Bloom Boom

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Bloom Boom
16 March 2017

It’s called a super bloom
By reporters in the newsroom.
Winter rain’s brought out desert flowers.
There’s been enough to end the drought,
From barely sprinkles to thundershowers.
Nicer weather is bringing people out
To see the verdant growth mushrooming
And the vibrant hues sprouting.
It looks like a carpet blooming
And the perfect excuse for an outing.

18 February 2017

Cash Music

New Website

In addition to writing poems, I've been looking for a way to make money online with my poetry. This blog was one of those attempts. Up until a couple of days ago, I hadn't made a penny online. Taking a hint from Firefox I signed on with website whose name doesn't sound particularly poet-friendly, CashMusic. Although the CashMusic format was a bit confusing, I was able to upload PDFs, videos and photos and created a website connected to a money processor. Please, visit my website and look around. If you like what you see, tell a friend. If there's anything you don't like, please tell me. Here's the link:

05 February 2017

Honey Agony
5 Jan 2017

Darling, you hardly ever say, “I love you.”
It seems like all we do is yell and argue,
So our relationship’s gone downhill and askew.
Let’s talk until we have the very same view.

Darling, I worry that you’re doing me wrong.
I want to hear, “Honey, honey,” all night long,
“Honey, honey,” until the light of dawn.
I want your promises to be made good on.

Darling, please, come right on home to me.
When you delay I worry and feel gloomy.
Chatting together seems so dreamy,
A prelude to making our nights steamy.


Darling, the one thing I really hate
Is when you say you’re working late.
Your work schedule isn’t supposed to deviate,
So I worry you’re making plans to fornicate.


Darling, are you working late or at the bar?
Are you flirting with some tramp in her car?
Just flirting or have you already gone too far?
I’ll give her a story to put in her memoir!


12 January 2017

Cabin Fever Achiever

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Cabin Fever Achiever

Mist in the canyon puts a sheer curtain between me and the other side.
Wintery weather is giving me cabin fever by keeping me inside.
Cold wind blowing wetness around would be like facing suicide.
Remaining under the roof to stay warm and dry is the upside.
I’m indoors while my mind goes stark crazy wanting to be outside.

24 December 2016

Slightly Unsightly

Slightly Unsightly
17 Dec 2016

Is this how I look, now that I’m over sixty?
What I see in the mirror, is it really me?
So much for looking like a movie star,
My unsightly face is made for radio.
It’s lob-sided and my nose has a scar.
I would love having good looks for video.
It’s sad how ugly goes clear to the bone,
But heavy and fat are only deep skin.
Alas, ugly seems to be carved in stone
And any hope of a fix must be forsaken.
I don’t know, mixed feelings arise,
Was it a compliment or notoriety?
They gave me the first-place, grand prize,
In a contest at the Ugly Poet Society.

16 December 2016

Ash Tree Pantry

Ash Tree Pantry
16 Dec 2016

When the snow’s fallen all around,
During the coldest time of the year,
Birds can’t find food on the ground,
But the trees give sustenance and cheer.
In the yard’s a mountain ash tree.
It’s where the robins come to eat.
The red berries are as pretty as can be
And the birds enjoy them as a treat.
The leaves are all gone, blown away.
The branches are full of red berries,
Giving the robins a reason to stay
And be nature’s cheerful emissaries.

21 November 2016

Workshop Stop

Workshop Stop

Giving myself an outtake,
Taking a moment of ease,
During the seminar break,
I relaxed in the bay breeze.
I paused from taking notes.
The humid air was sea-scented.
The docks were filled with boats.
The cloudless sky was unornamented.
Close to the water, by the harbor,
Included in the idyllic scene,
In the bougainvillea arbor
A small stray cat was seen.
The cat was too high up to touch
So it was allowed to roam free.
My mind was on writing and such
And the cat could live without me.