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19 January 2016

Creation Invocation

Creation Invocation
14 January 2016

Speak to me, Muse.
Inspire me to write
So that I feel of use
And not small or trite.
Help my preparation,
Thinking and exploration
In search of inspiration.
Speed up the period of incubation
In my subconscious foundation,
Of sorting and reaching validation.
I want instant illumination
A triggering of my imagination
To the point of forced creation.
Please, ease the implementation
Of my rhyming communication
Into a pleasing presentation.
Muse, please whisper in my ear.
Whisper enchanted communiqu├ęs
And the secrets I want to hear
To end this writer’s block phase.

28 December 2015

Beach Reach

Beach Reach
26 Dec 2015

To watch the waves breaking.
I must go to the sea;
And the rollers coming in,
It’s all calling to me.
Upon arriving at the shore,
I feel the constant breeze
And hear the continual roar
Which nature does with ease.
The gritty sand between my toes,
Feel of humidity in my clothes
And air’s salty scent in my nose,
Work together to ease my woes.
Walking across unmarked land,
As people stroll they emboss
Footstep paths in the wet sand
That wander and randomly cross.
Boundless water and sun beautify
All the lovely things I see.
The far horizon and big blue sky
Are the only limits for me.
While standing on the shore
I don’t want for anything more.

Like a cresting wave breaks,
Practical thoughts intruded
And a mood shift overtakes
Me so my amble’s concluded.
Turning around, I’m incredulous
By how far I’ve wandered to explore.
Walking to my car, there’s an impetus
To look back and watch the waves some more.

04 December 2015

Feeling Old or Catching a Cold?

Feeling Old or Catching a Cold?
2 Dec 2015

Are your joints all achey,
So you feel decrepit and old?
Are your muscles a bit shaky,
Like you’re coming down with a cold?
Are you a bit weak in the knees?
What symptoms does your body exhibit?
How much do you cough and sneeze?
What’s going on with the body you inhabit?
How high can your temperature go?
What will make your headache go away?
About the only thing you know
Is that you’re sicker than a dog today.
Catching the flu is such an inconvenience.
I just hate feeling lethargic with colic.
I want to feel better with expedience
So I can get back to my normal fun and frolic.

18 November 2015

Who Are You, Passing Thru?

Who Are You, Passing Thru?
17 Nov 2015

Wind, where are you going?
You came for a visit today.
Wind, why are you blowing?
You came, but didn’t stay.
You danced the leaves all around,
Touching everything exposed outside,
Then left the leaves all over the ground.
Such an irresponsible, messy joyride.
After gusting all day, you departed.
Where on earth did you go?
Where and how did you get started?
Wind tell me, I want to know.

16 November 2015

Not Your Typical Watcher

Not Your Typical Watcher
10 Nov 2015

I spot the staid suburban sentinels
Posted out on their weekly missions,
They’re keeping this night’s vigils,
Standing by the curb like apparitions.
They’ll stand all night waiting strong
For the trucks and into the next day.
Then the garbage trucks’ll come along
And haul all the smelly trash away.

18 October 2015

Ranked by Google

Oh my gosh, I was poking around the internet, doing Google searches and was pleasantly surprised by what came up. When I put "poem" in the search engine, this blog came up at the bottom of the first page.

13 October 2015

Proffering Offering

Proffering Offering
11 October 2015

In your moments of darkness,
Borrow light from my inventory.

In your moments of weakness,
Mooch strength from my story.

In your moments of stress,
Bum passion from my poetry.

When you’re scared and afraid,
Put an artificial smile on your face.

When you feel short-changed and betrayed,
Reach for a long-distance embrace.

When you’re drowning in doubt,
Take hope from my cupboards.

When you’re feeling lonely and left out,
Drink deeply from my well of words.

04 October 2015

Hypocrisy Legacy

Hypocrisy Legacy
24 Sept 2015

The recently deceased was laid to rest
With all the proper praise and prayers.
The family dressed in their Sunday best
And put on appropriate bereaved airs.
The rest of us played along, acting our parts,
Giving lip service to the dead one’s benevolence.
While we all knew in our heart of hearts
That the dearly departed was full of malevolence.

20 September 2015

My Own Website

I'm letting everybody know that I've published my very own website. After getting frustrated that nobody seemed to know HTML, I took a class and figured things out on my own. The website is best viewed in Chrome or Firefox. If you don't like what you see, tell me. If you like my website, tell your friends.

16 September 2015

Labor Day on the Bay

Labor Day on the Bay
8 Sept 2015

To celebrate Labor Day
We went to play in the sun,
Splashing in the bay,
And building a sandcastle for fun.
Our castle was shapeless.
The sand resisted conforming.
Shaping battlements was hopeless.
Water and kids performing
Their best to undermine
Building efforts by adults.
Their joint forces did combine
To give suboptimal results.
Amid all the fun and recreation,
The sun's ever churning fusion
Emitted ultraviolet radiation,
Giving the kids a burning conclusion.
From a parental point of view
Perhaps nothing was accomplished.
But there was no emergency rescue
And for the time “work” vanished.