30 July 2010

Gathering Blathering

BLW is going to have their gathering soon.

Gathering Blathering

30 July 2010

Come whoever you are

Worshiper of solitude,

Come from near and far

You who exude attitude.

Mundanes don’t understand

There’s not many like us

Scattered throughout the land.

Gathering is a great impetus,

A chance to be with our kind,

People with similar taste,

Mingle with others of like mind

And forget about the straitlaced.

Let’s celebrate our making,

Dancing naked in the sunlight

Worries we’ll be forsaking

While setting the world right.

29 July 2010

Dore Story

I went with my friend to the Dore Alley Street Fair last weekend.

Dore Story

25 July 2010

We went for a weekend stay

In San Francisco by the bay.

The sidewalks and gutters were dirty

But the cruising men were flirty.

The sky was overcast

But that didn’t last.

The sun played peek-a-boo

As we greeted a friend or two.

Although it was a bit cold

We found hot cocks to hold.

We thought it would do no harm

To go in the bar and get warm.

Gradually the temperature rose,

Men began to shed their clothes

And the guys started to play,

First one cock then two on display.

I tell you the truth, I’m not joking

Before long several men were stroking

Somebody else’s bone

If it wasn’t their own.

Early on the barback warned against sucking

But later on there was outright fucking.

Tits were stimulated

As men masturbated.

Having a slight headache

Made the music hard to take.

There was a sense of euphoria

Mixed with some claustrophobia.

It was hard for a cocksucker to kneel.

The crowd made it easy to cop a feel.

Orgasms later we got out of there

Just to get some fresh air.

Bear Dare

Al O spoke and Al S wrote:

Bear Dare

25 July 2010

I don’t care if my belly shows,

I’m dancing with very little clothes.

The go-go boy is chancing

Cruising for a bruising.

It’s the box on which I’m dancing,

He can have it when I’m thru using.