29 March 2017

Old Friends’ Dividends

Old Friends’ Dividends
27 March 2017

Like a flower’s lingering scent
I remember the time we spent.
Like the candle’s smell
After it’s been blown out,
Mentally I rehash and retell
Of us having dinner out.
We spoke of days gone by,
And remembering with a sigh
Gravy over bread as humble pie.
Contrast growing up in poverty
To us here and now eating out.
We could take the liberty
To order shrimp as it turned out.
Love and goodwill were traded.
A good time was had by all.
Sympathy and friendliness pervaded
The good-byes at withdrawal.
The memory’s been enshrined
To a special place in my mind.

17 March 2017

Bloom Boom

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Bloom Boom
16 March 2017

It’s called a super bloom
By reporters in the newsroom.
Winter rain’s brought out desert flowers.
There’s been enough to end the drought,
From barely sprinkles to thundershowers.
Nicer weather is bringing people out
To see the verdant growth mushrooming
And the vibrant hues sprouting.
It looks like a carpet blooming
And the perfect excuse for an outing.