29 May 2010

TV Maybe

Antiques Roadshow is coming to San Diego. We didn't get tickets from their email address lottery, but we have friends will connections. Shhhh, don't tell.

TV Maybe

26 May 2010

Bruce gets to go

To Antiques Roadshow.

Among the watch czars

He collects Pulsars.

The watches most prized

Are the ones Grima sized.

A pair of watch mates

Looks like pyramids of thin plates.

Another pair of silver and gold

Ingot-shaped pocket watches got sold.

The bark-textured watch of heft

He hopes won’t be subject to theft.

Bruce really wants to get on tape

The matched set called moonscape.

He knows a lot, but has a dearth

Of knowledge about their worth.

Yes, Bruce is excited to go

And be on Antiques Roadshow.

27 May 2010

Tower of Power

In reading thru my emails, I clicked on a link and was suddenly looking at a map of London which reminded of a poem I wrote last summer.

Tower of Power

29 July 2009

I am the White Tower.

I am the center of power.

I was built to house kings

And their many things.

I was already old

When men pulled cold

Steel hard

From the scabbard.

You may have heard stories

Tales and allegories

Of violence

And silence,

Of threats

And secrets.

Thru it all

I’ve stood tall.

There has been the clash of arms

And the sounding of alarms.

I know the smell of gun powder

Each time getting louder,

Yet standing prouder.

Over the years

I’ve heard the cheers

And the jeers

Of loyalty

And adversity

For my royalty.

I’ve heard men moan and yell

Curse and wail

In their cell

While I served as their jail.

Yes, cry

For I,

I am the center of power.

I am the White Tower.

16 May 2010

Undeterred Watchwords

Undeterred Watchwords

We the People, probably the most powerful three words ever written. We the People, not by the authority of deity, not by royal grant or decree, but We the People empower ourselves to ordain and establish this Constitution. We the People are doing this to form a more perfect Union of People into a form of government. We want Justice under the law. Everyone is equal under the law. We want no special exemptions, exceptions, titles or privileges for anyone. We hope to insure domestic tranquility, peace at home to promote the general Welfare. Mostly we desire to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and out Posterity. We, us here and now are that Posterity.

When you look at the US government today, sometimes you have to wonder if the government has maintained that original vision. The rest of the original Constitution mostly sets up a government by defining roles and powers. The constitution became the overarching gold standard against which all other laws were and are compared.

Then it’s almost like they said oops. We got so busy and involved dividing up the powers that we forgot we started out to create personal liberty. We better ensure it stays there. It was implied, but we better put liberty in writing, so the Bill of Rights was created. Almost everybody’s favorite amendment is the first one. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” These rights are commonly referred to as freedom of expression. Mormons love this amendment because it lets them practice polygamy and close their temples to unworthy outsiders. Gays and lesbians simply adore this amendment because it lets them have pride parades and celebrate diversity. Pagan witches worship this amendment because they can celebrate their rites free from persecution. It’s a hit the BDSM, fetish and body modification communities because they get to do their thing. Notice that each of the groups mentioned is a minority in one way or another.

When I thought hard about the purpose of government. I asked my self if any government at all is really necessary. After all most people are law abiding peaceful citizens not in need of an outside authority or enforcer. I finally came to the conclusion that government is a necessary evil, necessary to protect ordinary people from people and organizations that are big, bad and mean. The government’s purpose is to serve as a source of justice for injuries suffered, to protect the little guy from the big guy. The Constitution was set up so any minority is protected from a tyranny of the majority. People supporting unpopular ideas are protected from having to conform to the mores and values of the majority. Usually when a law is found unconstitutional it’s the result of a majority trying to impose their values on a minority. Which is why California’s Proposition 8 and anti-polygamy laws are unconstitutional. They impose the will and values of the majority on an unpopular minority.

12 May 2010

Station Variation

This past weekend I went camping with the fairies, sisters, bears and other queers. I wrote this poem last summer after camping for Leather/Levi Weekend. One night they had a demo tent with stations for different forms of interaction.

Station Variation
by Al Smith
August 2009

Make a fist and hit
It may hurt a bit
Pound & punch away
Can you take it all day?
Is it your wish
To take all I dish?

Let me give you a jolt
It won’t be a thunderbolt
We’ll start with just a tingle
And ramp up the juice ‘til you jingle
Ping, ping, ping, ping
Until you sing.

Let me give you a tap
I’ll keep it consistent
Like a soft slap.
Soon the insistent
Vibrations of rap, rap
Will send sensations
Of nerve modulations.

Just look at the cat of nine tails
The very picture of prison & jails
As it hits my back
Give me no slack
Put me in my place
Send me into alternate space.

Single Tail
Oh the whip long
Single tail so strong
Such a quick sting
You make me sing
I raise my voice
To my toy of choice.

Go on by the hour,
Please don’t stop.
Give me a hot shower
Of wax drop by drop.
Yes, the hot wax
Helps me relax.

I’ll be the slut.
You get out the planking.
I’ll put out my butt,
You give me a spanking.
I really mean thanks
For all the spanks.

To begin the skin
Is not virgin.
Don’t you constrain;
What keeps me sane
I attain from the pain
Of a cane.

I’ll make a fist
That’s hard to resist
And insert it to my wrist.
Then with a twist
I’ll be assisting
Your liking of fisting.

It’s all about sensation
And intense stimulation.
This is my ode
To sensory overload.
Let the endorphins flow.
Bring on that afterglow.

02 May 2010

Drool Pool

Drool Pool
1 May 2010

I drove to the bar
In my little car
Where I ran into my friend.
There was no need to pretend
The holes in his pants
Gave the whole bar a chance
To see he was there
Without underwear.
The game was pool
And my friend is no fool,
He got the other guy distracted
By the way he acted.
While aiming for a shot,
Believe it or not,
My friend posed in the right way
To put on a gratuitous display
Of his private family jewel.
You could call it dirty pool.