27 May 2010

Tower of Power

In reading thru my emails, I clicked on a link and was suddenly looking at a map of London which reminded of a poem I wrote last summer.

Tower of Power

29 July 2009

I am the White Tower.

I am the center of power.

I was built to house kings

And their many things.

I was already old

When men pulled cold

Steel hard

From the scabbard.

You may have heard stories

Tales and allegories

Of violence

And silence,

Of threats

And secrets.

Thru it all

I’ve stood tall.

There has been the clash of arms

And the sounding of alarms.

I know the smell of gun powder

Each time getting louder,

Yet standing prouder.

Over the years

I’ve heard the cheers

And the jeers

Of loyalty

And adversity

For my royalty.

I’ve heard men moan and yell

Curse and wail

In their cell

While I served as their jail.

Yes, cry

For I,

I am the center of power.

I am the White Tower.

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