30 November 2013

Grope With Hope

Grope With Hope
25 Nov 2013

Hello newborn, hello.
Just to let you know
Mommy loves you so.
Aye, you're such a wee one,
Learning about life's dealings.
Right now along with everyone,
We're experiencing strong feelings.
There's Mommy's concern and care,
Alternating between swearing and prayer.
Family members worry about your welfare
And all want health, fair and square.

Once on a spiritual weekend retreat
I had a rebirthing experience to embrace.
At first, I didn't recognize the feat.
It felt like I was in a very confined space
With strong, firm forces moving me about.
Then there was light, light everywhere.
No matter how I turned my head to checkout,
The brightness was around, always there.
My tiny torso filled with emotion, full bore.
That feeling was hope by the score.
Hope that I would be loved and cared for.

I like to think that every baby has hope.
Like me, hope's in every newborn's envelope.
In welcoming you infant, within our scope
There're desires in our hearts, too.
We hope you have healthy, happy years.
We want to do very well by you.
As you grow, we expect to guide your fears.
Because of how we think, our hopes will manifest
Differently for everybody. There'll be frustrations,
But we all desire an outcome that's the best
And promise to be mindful in our ministrations.

20 November 2013

Mellow Hello

There's an old Neil Diamond song that starts "Hello my friend, hello."

Mellow Hello
18 Nov 2013

Hello Jamison, hello.
Just to let you know
Daddy loves you so.
Aye, you're such a wee one,
But your life's just begun.
Before very long
You'll be big and strong,
But that's down the road
When you're all growed.
Just for now,
As time will allow
Stay in my arms here
And fall asleep, my dear.

18 November 2013

All Call

All Call
17 Nov 2013

Come, come, whoever you are,
Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving,
Whether your home is near or far.
Leave off your sadness and grieving.
Ours is not a caravan of despair.
Even if you have broken your vows
A thousand times beyond repair
And eaten the meat of sacred cows.
That was a different paradigm
Not at all suited for you,
Belonging to a different time.
Now the calling rings true.

Come yet again, come, come.
Join us in our joyous celebration.
Know that all are very welcome
In our peculiar congregation.
We’ll sing and we’ll shout
Hosannah! as we hang out.
It will be a walkabout,
A pilgrimage without a doubt.
Join us to experience something new,
To rekindle your inner magic.
This invitation means a changed you
That feels whole, not tragic.

17 November 2013

Welcome Pilgrim

Welcome Pilgrim
16 Nov 2013

Hello Jamison, my newest nephew.
My, my it's been really busy
With lots of activity around you.
We've all been in a tizzy.
Grandma Adams came to give childcare
While you and Bronwyn were hospitalized
And Monson went the ER for his welfare.
Everybody was stressed, almost traumatized.
Britton lost his first game of the season.
Then Sterling flew to a Denver conference
Where he spoke to thinkers of reason
Using physics research as a reference.
After a few hectic days, we're glad
To have you home with the family.
We're all ready, with Mom and Dad,
For life to continue more serenely.