18 November 2015

Who Are You, Passing Thru?

Who Are You, Passing Thru?
17 Nov 2015

Wind, where are you going?
You came for a visit today.
Wind, why are you blowing?
You came, but didn’t stay.
You danced the leaves all around,
Touching everything exposed outside,
Then left the leaves all over the ground.
Such an irresponsible, messy joyride.
After gusting all day, you departed.
Where on earth did you go?
Where and how did you get started?
Wind tell me, I want to know.

16 November 2015

Not Your Typical Watcher

Not Your Typical Watcher
10 Nov 2015

I spot the staid suburban sentinels
Posted out on their weekly missions,
They’re keeping this night’s vigils,
Standing by the curb like apparitions.
They’ll stand all night waiting strong
For the trucks and into the next day.
Then the garbage trucks’ll come along
And haul all the smelly trash away.