20 June 2017

a.m. Gem

a.m. Gem
19 June 2017

After the end of a dark night
Comes the gentle morning light.
The sun’s warmth feels like a shower,
Unlike midday rays that overpower.
I can enjoy exposure without concern,
Without risking any pesky sunburn.
It’s a peaceful, pleasant way 
To get going and start my day.

03 June 2017

At Most A Toast

At Most A Toast
30 May 2017

Thoughts and a toast to the newlyweds!
Hopefully, from your warmhearted parents
You learned how not to be boneheads,
But life skills made their appearance;
Like how to reconcile a bank account
And how to change a car’s flat tire.
From siblings, thinking of the amount,
Of years spent fighting with fire,
You have now let hostilities cease.
With an armed truce, there’s peace.

A happy marriage extender
Takes additional personal skills.
First you experience surrender,
When limerence brings thrills.
Surrendering to love has its importance.
Later, personal needs will surface,
So you’ll need to learn to balance
To meet the demands of spousal service.
In the future, adding a child will make 
For a triangular teeter-totter;
Dragging more tests in its wake,
Making for a trial by fire and water,
And requiring powers of persuasion.
Lastly, here’s to this happy occasion.