30 October 2012

Opportunity For Unity

Opportunity For Unity
30 October 2012

What's with this relationship?
Is it about companionship
More than just friendship
Like maybe a partnership?

Are we friends with benefits,
Looking at you elicits
Nothing that inhibits
Having sex as time permits?

My gut reaction's commotion
That gives me a notion
Of a change in emotion
And a loss of devotion.

Not to be synthetic,
I want to be copasetic
For you to be sympathetic
And us to be synergetic.

Come talk to me
And let's see
If we can be
In harmony.

21 October 2012

Outside And Inside

Outside And Inside
21 October 2012

The air lost its charm
And acquired a chill,
But my heart is warm
And full of goodwill.
As I smoothed the sheet,
It still retained
Some of your body heat.
The memory contained
In my heart of the embracing,
Holding you within my sweep
And full-bodied interlacing
Before falling asleep.
Yes, the weather outside
Is cloudy, raw and gray,
But my heart's song inside
Is bonny, blithe and gay.

16 October 2012

Nighttime Pastime

Nighttime Pastime
15 October 2012

tiredness' spawn
say, "Good night"
then with a yawn
turn out the light
time for sleepyhead
to spot and tilt
toward the bed
crawl under the quilt
beat retreat
tumble deep
under the sheet
and fall to sleep

12 October 2012

Retool The School

They're going to replace the elementary school I attended. I went to the website, reviewed the plans and here's my reaction:

Retool The School
10 Oct 2012

The new blueprints for elementary instruction
Look like cost-cutting cookie-cutter construction.
I'm not impressed, it makes me want to wail.
It looks like the hybrid of church and jail.
There are uglier buildings of some manner
Built by the Soviet Union's central planner.
I'm wondering, "Did the architect goof,
Or is that a train trestle on the roof?"
There's masonry veneer, that's in style now
And ought to last for a while, anyhow.
I remember as a child climbing on a rack
In the gym for a better view of the track
Going east to Colorado roadways.
The school in Monument Valley displays
The local scenery and cultural fame.
Why can't Monticello's do the same?
Would it spoil plans and be unsound
To make the upper windows round?
How about if the windows were set
With a stained-glass alphabet?
I'm sure the plan is sensible
And it's design is defensible,
But could it be an inspiration
To some future generation?
Instead of having to go there and pretend,
What if students were excited to attend?
Hopefully the interior decorations
Will stimulate aspirations.
Isn't it the committee's duty
Not to mistake novelty for beauty?
This probably is closing the barn door
After the horse has escaped,
The contract has been awarded and more
It's too late for plans to be reshaped.

08 October 2012

This Person's Life Lessons

This Person's Life Lessons
6 October 2012

The rules of life stipulate:
Dress up, show up, participate.
Always give it your best shot.
Be a player, not just vegetate.
You never know how long you've got.
Discover and follow you passion,
Wether it's in or out of fashion.
Do the very best you can.
Be above the barbs, stings
And insults of humanity's clan
That living in society brings,
Like assaults on your values.
Usually it's the little things
That make you sing the blues
And tug at your heartstrings.
Whatever life offers, you can refuse,
Refuse to take the easy way out.
You always have a chance to choose
A life that's worthwhile throughout.
Life always gives you chances
To be bigger than circumstances.

01 October 2012

Where Moonbeams Fall

Where Moonbeams Fall
original by Jo Wall
21 Sept 2012

In the soft muted colors of the night,
The ethereal fairy dances in the moonlight,
Scattering glittering stardust in her play.
Serenity and inner joy are reflected
In the lightness of her fairy ballet
And her scintillating radiance is projected
As she dances communing, interconnected,
Perfected with the universe intersected.