12 October 2012

Retool The School

They're going to replace the elementary school I attended. I went to the website, reviewed the plans and here's my reaction:

Retool The School
10 Oct 2012

The new blueprints for elementary instruction
Look like cost-cutting cookie-cutter construction.
I'm not impressed, it makes me want to wail.
It looks like the hybrid of church and jail.
There are uglier buildings of some manner
Built by the Soviet Union's central planner.
I'm wondering, "Did the architect goof,
Or is that a train trestle on the roof?"
There's masonry veneer, that's in style now
And ought to last for a while, anyhow.
I remember as a child climbing on a rack
In the gym for a better view of the track
Going east to Colorado roadways.
The school in Monument Valley displays
The local scenery and cultural fame.
Why can't Monticello's do the same?
Would it spoil plans and be unsound
To make the upper windows round?
How about if the windows were set
With a stained-glass alphabet?
I'm sure the plan is sensible
And it's design is defensible,
But could it be an inspiration
To some future generation?
Instead of having to go there and pretend,
What if students were excited to attend?
Hopefully the interior decorations
Will stimulate aspirations.
Isn't it the committee's duty
Not to mistake novelty for beauty?
This probably is closing the barn door
After the horse has escaped,
The contract has been awarded and more
It's too late for plans to be reshaped.

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