26 August 2013

Dinner Guest for Breakfast

Dinner Guest for Breakfast
25 August 2013

I went for Sunday dinner at my nephew's,
Going to their friends' was confessed.
They had an invitation they couldn't refuse.
The friends' supper would be breakfast.
We would be having homemade waffles to eat
With the young family of Jacob and Nancy.
So we jumped in and drove down the street.
To their middle-class home, nothing fancy.
She was busy with the waffle maker,
I went and looked over the back acre.
After blessing the food, it was served.
The kid's plates were closely observed
To make sure they had enough in quantity
And inspected for parental seal of quality.
There was butter, peanut butter and maple syrup
To go on the waffles and eggs were scrambled up.
For the first time, in spite of reluctance,
Regardless of the prejudices I had,
I ate eggs and peanut butter all at once.
It really wasn't so awfully bad.
Perhaps it's a new way to get my protein,
A modification of my diet,
A variation on my usual routine.
Nah, I just thought I'd try it.

16 August 2013

Sunshine Song II

Sunshine Song II
16 August 2013

First thing in the morning
When there’s nothing wrong,
I’m outside running
Singing my sunshine song
Later in the day,
When I’m feeling strong
And things are going my way,
I’ll hum my sunshine song.
Thru out the rest of the day
As I work and go along
I’ll be making my way
Singing my sunshine song.