28 January 2011

Government Devilment

Government Devilment

27 January 2011

Lena’s gonna moan, cuss an’ wail

‘Cause her Sarah’s goin’ to jail,

And Lena’s afraid of havin’ to make bail.

It’s really not Sarah’s fault, you see

The problem’s with the Georgia DMV.

Sarah needed residency validation

To transfer the car registration.

They aren’t joking, I sense

‘Cause they revoked her license.

Sarah moved to the other coast

Now she’s gonna up an’ roast.

She’s of mixed race

An’ doesn’t know her place.

Lena’s reaction an’ motherly instinct

Wants Sarah in the California precinct.

27 January 2011

Ceremony of Sanctimony

Ceremony of Sanctimony
23 January 2011

Doing as advised and authorized
Britton was galvanized to be baptized.
Following the Mormon tradition
And rules for admission
He had to wait
Until he turned eight.
As is usual and customary
There were kids from the Primary.
Adults acted as witness
To make sure of form & fitness.
Now in humility or pride he can boast
He was given the gift of the Holy Ghost.
Grandparents from both sides
Were there in case he backslides.
His parents didn’t say it out loud,
But they were all smiles and proud.
Larson has a few years to learn,
And then it will be his turn.
Uncle Al was a fly on the wall
To write a poem about it all.

17 January 2011

Lawn Song

Lawn Song

15 January 2011

It’s a time of hope and cheer

The first mowing of the year.

As good a sign as I have ever seen

The grass is a bright emerald green.

The cycle of life has revived

And Spring has arrived.

Memories come into play

By the scent of watermelon or hay.

For most people it’s been a while

Since the weather made them smile,

Just months and months of cold and dreary

But here in San Diego it’s only January.