27 June 2013

Winner Grinner Spinner

Last Sunday after dinner at my nephew's, I played Star Wars Monopoly with him & his 2 oldest boys. Eventually I won and got to recite this poem.

Winner Grinner Spinner
21 June 2013

I won, I won!
I'm number one!
It was hard won
But so much fun.
When all was said and done,
I'm the favorite son.
I won, I won!
I'm number one!
It was hard won
But so much fun.
When all was said and done,
I'm the favorite son.
I won, I won!
I'm number one!
It was hard won
But so much fun.
When all was said and done,
I'm the favorite son.
I won, I won!
Ad nauseam.

After all the action
I'm getting traction
From the satisfaction
Of your reaction.
From the composition
Of your disposition
It's an imposition,
I'll supposition.
In addition
I have a premonition
You'll commission
My verbal rendition
As future ammunition.

16 June 2013

Blue Ribbon

Today I went to the county fair and was pleased to discover I had won a first prize blue ribbon for my crocheted tablecloth.

Unescorted Sporting Assorted Cavorting

This poem about ecstatic dancing was inspired by the text of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLzsaEwZ9tY
Is there an activity in your life that affects you deeply emotionally?

Unescorted Sporting Assorted Cavorting
15 June 2013

We have come to be danced.
Not the pretty graceful waltz,
Not the pretty pretty pranced
Please-pick-me defaults,
But to claw our way into the belly
Of the sacred, sensual animal hop.
The unhinged, unplugged silly
Cat is out of its box slop.
Holding the precious moment
In our palms and stomping
Our feet like we meant
No end to our romping.

We have come to be danced.
Not the jiffy booby
Out to be romanced
Shake your booty,
But to wring the sadness
From our skin skip.
Blow the chip off our shoulder badness,
Slap any apology with our zip.

We have come to be danced;
Not the monkey see, monkey do
Move like you're entranced
One, two, move like you,
But the grave robber, tomb stalking
Tearing scabs and scars raking
To rub the rhythm raw hawking
Against our souls' quaking.

We have come to be danced
Not the nice, invisible
Shuffle self-consciously enhanced
But the matted hair indivisible
Voodoo mama, shaman shaking‚
Ancient bones aleaping
Stripped casings forsaking,
To find our wings sweeping,
Sharpen our claws, loosen the tongue,
Shed dead useless cells of example
And slip into the ever young
Luminous skin of love trample.

We have come to be rocked
Not the hold our breath
Or splash in the shallows deadlocked,
But the ending of shibboleth,
By the trinity of physical body,
Hot breath and rhymthic beat.
Shouting hallelujah to embody
Rejoicing head to feet.
Please, mother may I?
Yes, you may take 10 giant hops.
The ollie ollie oxen free,
Everyone can come to our heavenly lollypops.

We have come to be bounced
Where the kingdoms meet head-on
In the cathedral of flesh announced
To burn back into the light dead-on.
To unravel, to play,
To take wing, to pray
To root in skin sanctuary enhanced,
We have come to be danced.

11 June 2013

Description Depiction

Description Depiction
4 June 2013

Not some banditry
Nor a tedious litany,
But a bit of poetry
That's all about me.
Since high school
I've worn glasses.
My face isn't a tool
To please the masses.
I have a toothy grin
And a ponytail.
Although I'm thin,
I'm not that frail.
My skin is pale;
My veins are blue.
That's the tale
I'm sticking to.
Don't judge a book by its cover.
A far inferior exterior
Doesn't show off the lover
With a superior interior.
My written verbosity
Presents at times
My innate curiosity
And a love of rhymes.
I may look like a Nazarene
With interactions that are gracious
And come across all serene,
But my pursuit of goals is tenacious.
Other characteristics
Like competitive and organized
Are among my statistics.
A sense of humor is prized.
A chance to be creative
And play card games
Makes me appreciative
And furthers my aims.