20 September 2015

My Own Website

I'm letting everybody know that I've published my very own website. After getting frustrated that nobody seemed to know HTML, I took a class and figured things out on my own. The website is best viewed in Chrome or Firefox. If you don't like what you see, tell me. If you like my website, tell your friends.

16 September 2015

Labor Day on the Bay

Labor Day on the Bay
8 Sept 2015

To celebrate Labor Day
We went to play in the sun,
Splashing in the bay,
And building a sandcastle for fun.
Our castle was shapeless.
The sand resisted conforming.
Shaping battlements was hopeless.
Water and kids performing
Their best to undermine
Building efforts by adults.
Their joint forces did combine
To give suboptimal results.
Amid all the fun and recreation,
The sun's ever churning fusion
Emitted ultraviolet radiation,
Giving the kids a burning conclusion.
From a parental point of view
Perhaps nothing was accomplished.
But there was no emergency rescue
And for the time “work” vanished.

06 September 2015

Published in The Australia Times

The Australia Times published another of my poems in their Poetry magazine. It's viewable online:  http://www.theaustraliatimes.com/magazine/poetry/issue/318/#86
You may need to type "86" in the little box at the top to go directly to my poem.