25 June 2010

Indulges and Bulges

This poem is dedicated to two yearly events that happen in San Francisco. Dore Alley occurs the last Sunday of July and Folsom Street is the last Sunday of September.

Indulges and Bulges
24 June 2010

Walking down the street I ogle and stare
At Dore Alley and Folsom Street Fair.
The men are more than just pretty faces,
They have muscles and bulges in the right places.
Any one of them can sign up on my dance card
Just looking at them makes me drool and get hard.
Their looks and bodies are hard to hide
Especially when they’re naked outside.
The entry signs say no fucking or nudity
But those in the know don’t put up with such prudity.
As San Francisco’s finest reposed
I’ve strolled by with my privates exposed.
Regardless of the weather
Most of the crowd wears leather.
There are people of both sexes and all sizes
And a few come with odd surprises.
I get my favorite wish there
To walk around in fetish gear.
When the sky’s unclouded
The street becomes crowded.
You never know who you’ll meet,
And you might have sex in the street.
Folsom & Dore are a mix of fantasy and real
Mostly you just look, but sometimes you feel.
There’s drooling by the hour
With no hope of a cold shower.
Later when the fog rolls in,
It’s the rigamarole’s end.
Outside the temperature drops
But indoors the party never stops.
The memories are all so good
I’ll be back next time in all likelihood.

14 June 2010

Sex Vortex

Sex Vortex

13 June 2010

Following extended foreplay

The way we acted was insane,

We started banging away

Like a screen door in a hurricane.

Before long I shot my load

And let the world know as I came

Screaming until we slowed,

Just adding glory to my fame.

12 June 2010

Retirement Inspirement

June 4th was my twin brother's last day at work. Technically he's on vacation until his retirement is official in July.

Retirement Inspirement

12 June 2010

As I began to inquire

About my options to retire

My thinking got set on fire

By the choices before I expire.

The flames were fed by a desire

At the thought of what would transpire.

My head began to thrum

Thinking of ending the burdensome

Martyrdom of the humdrum,

And to whisper freedom.

After twenty years plus some

It’s tempting to pick the plum

Swinging with life’s pendulum.

I need to reduce things to a minimum

Sometime in this millennium

And push my frolicsome

Time to the maximum,

Perhaps going to the gymnasium

Or driving to the Exploratorium.

Yes, it’s not delirium.

It’s time to become

More adventuresome,

Find new uses for my cranium,

Indulge my hobby compendium,

And hang out with any chum-ium.

03 June 2010

End Of The Day Special Pay

My coworker is scheduled to leave before I do, but sometimes he is still at his desk when I leave. Since we may get comp time, but never money for overtime, we call it special pay. Written tongue in cheek.

End Of The Day Special Pay

3 June 2010

Busy doing same-day intakes

Working without pauses or breaks

Like customer service champs

Evaluating for Food Stamps,

At the end of the day

Ed enjoys that special pay.

Taking applications for CalWorks

Interacting with clients and jerks,

Making changes to Medi-Cal cases

Seems more like deuces than aces.

At the end of the day

Ed enjoys that special pay.

Do clients meet the requirement?

Slaving away until retirement

The unique feeling he gets

Means there are no regrets.

At the end of the day

Ed enjoys that special pay.