23 June 2014

Nightfall Overhaul

Nightfall Overhaul
10 June 2014

Good night, Paul, good night.
Time to turn out the light.
As you sleep tight,
I wish you sweet dreams.
In the glow of moonbeams,
May pleasant be the themes
Of the scenes in your mind.
As sleep helps you unwind,
Relaxation is assigned.

17 June 2014

Morning Jog, Day's Prolog

Morning Jog, Day's Prolog
12 June 2014

Leap, run, run
Is my cadence
In the morning sun
Near my residence.
The sun on my skin
Feels warm and good.
A touch of silken
Breeze cools the neighborhood.
I wave at the neighbor
I see as I run past.
It adds to the caliber
Of my day's forecast.

12 June 2014

Cream of Self-Esteem

Cream of Self-Esteem
9 June 2014

The old uptight me
Is now loose and free,
The way it ought to be.
After years of agony
I've broken from tyranny.

The tyranny of group think
That was way out of sync
So I felt like a rat fink
And brought me to the brink
Of almost no more pen and ink.

Pen and ink let me fully express
My inner self with success,
Without having to repress,
Confess or be a mess.
It's been a long process.

A process of listening and reading,
Uploading new ways of thinking.
By baby steps proceeding,
Getting results, not misleading,
Old ways gradually receding.