23 July 2017

Hair Care

Hair Care
14 July 2017

The fine hair floats down into my face.
After treatment by a brush and comb,
It doesn’t like to stay in one place.
It wants to wander away from home.
I don’t want to look too grubby
Even tho I’m thoroughly male.
One simple solution would be
To wear my hair in a ponytail.
Also, I could get all-day relief
By restraining my hair with a handkerchief.

12 July 2017

Healed Yield

Healed Yield
26 June 2017

“You never want a drink until the well runs dry.”
You don’t miss something that’s always there.
Suddenly, one day it’s gone and there’s an outcry.
For me, symptoms came the same as wear and tear.
One, then another affliction came to my attention.
None, by itself, was important enough to mention.
After a road trip, my hearing was diminished.
One ear was partially, then fully blocked;
Making words and music on that side hushed.
It was hard to gauge my volume as I talked.
Also, a sore spot under my tongue
Made it hard to vocalize and chew.
My personal song of life went unsung.
I discussed with my doctor each issue.
My physician prescribed a medication
Because of the results of my lab test.
I took the drug for my edification
And it’s benefits quickly manifest.
Now my mouth’s better, so I can talk.
My hearing’s cleared up, so both ears function.
I move, so there’s no problem with my walk.
I’m grateful to be at a healthy junction.
There’s a feeling of well-being where I dwell.
It’s like there’s fresh water in my well.