13 September 2013

After-School Carpool

I live close enough to an elementary school to hear the crossing guard's whistle. This afternoon while watering the yard, I watched moms picking up their kids.

After-School Carpool
13 Sept 2013

Time to pick up the kids from school.
Buckle the baby and four-year old in their car seats
Remind them, "Safety's the rule."
Hug them and make them happy with candy treats.
Look both ways before pulling out,
Watch carefully while driving down the streets.
After the bell rings, the kids come ambling out,
Most are looking for Mommy, but some act like athletes.
"What did you learn at school today?"
"I don't really remember, but at lunch Johnny
Threw  up and went to sick bay.
He's sick a lot, that's why he's so scrawny."
Make sure everybody's seat belt is on
Before heading back they way you came.
Never boring, chances are odds on
You're looking for five minutes to claim.
Raising children is a large responsibility,
Keeping you constantly watching and busy,
Testing your patience and reliability.
It's enough to put men in a tizzy.
Because women are good at multi-tasking
They can make it look easy and such,
And do it all without asking
For help. Thank you very much.