28 June 2012

Frustration Proliferation

Frustration Proliferation
28 June 2012

I'm clawing at air
And pulling my hair
As an illustration
Of my frustration.
In my car's engine
The wires rubbed on
The pulley and wore thin
So the A/C's gone.
I've already overpaid
One shop for diagnosis.
I felt betrayed
Adding to my psychosis
When they wanted more
To fix the wiring issue.
I had two friends who swore
From the motor's view
The space to repair
Is much too cramped.
Today another mechanic their
Opinion rubber stamped.
My sturdy little car's
Now at the third mechanic's.
I'm hoping for the stars
To align, not anxiety panics.

19 June 2012

Proactive Versus Reactive

Proactive Versus Reactive
19 June 2012

They were with all the rest
Mormons well-dressed
In their Sunday best.
Maybe it was a crusade,
But for sure this was no charade
Marching in the gay pride parade.
Drag queens and the Sisters twirled
As political currents swirled
Mixing in this brave new world.
These active Mormons were there
Showing signs that they care
For lesbians and gays everywhere.

Real Bleak Workweek

Real Bleak Workweek
19 June 2012

Many days this seems if it's
Not the way life's supposed to be.
Ready to call it quits
Filled with some pain and tragedy.
You're like an automatic machine
Doing the grueling daily grind,
Going thru your routine
Driven out of your mind.
Experiencing a mix of fury and bored,
Wanting to call in sick or go on strike.
Eventually going out of your gourd,
The boss wants your head on a pike.

07 June 2012

Ideal Appeal

Ideal Appeal
7 June 2012

It feels like summer outside
So open the windows wide.
I hear a twittering bird,
A glorious day is assured.
Sandals and shorts at that
Will go with my straw hat.

Examination Determination

Examination Determination
7 June 2012

Like most days begin
I stand, stretch and test
My body and naked skin
To see what feels best.
My hands touch around
Evoking tactile sensation
Slowly going up and down
My skin in each iteration.
My motions have stops and starts,
Lingering on the delicate parts.

Thru the window sunlight
Adds to my skin's perception.
It feels so good and right,
I give it a welcome reception.
The grinning smile on my face
Says I'm glad to be alive,
Enjoying the world's embrace,
And learning how to thrive.
I'm sure you'll list
Me as a sensualist.