23 February 2016

Horsehead Homestead

Horsehead Homestead
21 Feb 2016

Out in a rural western state,
Along with the mesas and canyons,
Located miles from the interstate
Are foothills of junipers and piñons.

There’s a small town between
The tilled lands and the forest
From which a horsehead can be seen.
On the mountainside, it’s manifest.

Whether in or out of bed,
Out on the old homestead
They want the horsehead
To stand them in good stead.

With good luck besides,
The spirit of the horse
High on the mountainsides
Watches over their course.

The horsehead keeps its watch,
Looking at the Colorado plateau;
Across scenery that’s top-notch,
Over the years thru sun or snow.

18 February 2016

Night’s Sights

Night’s Sights
17 Feb 2016

While camping out in a remote area, I went to bed
And dreamed about the Milky Way arched overhead.
The sky was festooned with stars strewn
As points of light along with the moon.

I read a children’s simple story,
Full of imagery and all allegory,
Where the kids traveled in train cars
Out to talk to the moon and stars.

There was a sword and sorcery novel,
Where the hero started in a hovel,
Then grew up and gained magical avatars
To pull power from the moon and stars.

I read a science fiction book
With its futuristic outlook.
It was a rocket pilot’s memoirs
About flying to outlying stars.