25 July 2016

Proud Out Loud

Proud Out Loud
21 July 2016

A feeling urges self-promo,
I want to say it out loud
And let the world know,
“I’m feeling very proud.”
Proud of my mastery, skills
And ample poetry production.
Minor improvements add thrills
As I do word construction.
I’ll walk with my chest out,
Ambling along with poise.
Standing tall as I go about,
I’ll think about my attaboys.

08 July 2016

Abundance Convergence

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Abundance Convergence
30 June 2016

Right now I’m celebrating
My own skills and empowerment,
Giving myself a five-star rating
From a sense of fulfillment.
No more watching from the sideline,
Incremental improvements
Have become my guideline.
Baby-step accomplishments
Make the results genuine
And need no embellishment.
Life events all combine
To this acknowledgement
That abundance is mine.

01 July 2016

Published in The Australia Times

The Australia Times (TAT) published one of my poems. Last time I had to sign in to their website to read all the poems, this time I didn't. You may have to register with TAT in order to read my poem on page 55. 
The editor's never met me in person, so in the bio pic she got me & my twin mixed up.