10 August 2015

Reanalyze Thru Fresh Eyes

Reanalyze Thru Fresh Eyes
2 August 2015

The usual sights, you don’t give them a thought.
They’re always there as you pass by, unchanging.
You don’t look twice. They’re quickly forgot
As you go about your routine without rearranging.
From my hometown, I drove with my lover.
We went to the next town for a stopover.
Since it was his first time to discover
We took the scenic route going over.
The views that I had seen many times
Drew “Wow’s” from him. Although he lives
In quite similar topography and climes,
These were uniquely distinct alternatives.
While growing up we take so much for granted.
Many things we don’t acknowledge or realize
How they’re significant, unusual or enchanted
Until we see them thru a newcomer’s eyes.