18 October 2015

Ranked by Google

Oh my gosh, I was poking around the internet, doing Google searches and was pleasantly surprised by what came up. When I put "poem" in the search engine, this blog came up at the bottom of the first page.

13 October 2015

Proffering Offering

Proffering Offering
11 October 2015

In your moments of darkness,
Borrow light from my inventory.

In your moments of weakness,
Mooch strength from my story.

In your moments of stress,
Bum passion from my poetry.

When you’re scared and afraid,
Put an artificial smile on your face.

When you feel short-changed and betrayed,
Reach for a long-distance embrace.

When you’re drowning in doubt,
Take hope from my cupboards.

When you’re feeling lonely and left out,
Drink deeply from my well of words.

04 October 2015

Hypocrisy Legacy

Hypocrisy Legacy
24 Sept 2015

The recently deceased was laid to rest
With all the proper praise and prayers.
The family dressed in their Sunday best
And put on appropriate bereaved airs.
The rest of us played along, acting our parts,
Giving lip service to the dead one’s benevolence.
While we all knew in our heart of hearts
That the dearly departed was full of malevolence.