26 April 2013

Bedtime In Rhyme

Bedtime In Rhyme
25 April  2013

Shoot today in the head
And trundle off to bed.
Today was work and fun;
And what's done is done.
Tomorrow will be here soon enough
Bringing its own challenges and stuff.
Let's hope sleep comes on quick
And lying in bed will do the trick.
I just hate tossing and turning
When my brain keeps on churning.
With a yawn I said,
"Shoot today in the head.
It's time to hit the bed."

11 April 2013

Rejection Reflection

The host asked for a reflection
Dealing with poetry rejection.

Rejection Reflection
11 April 2013

I didn't know the judge's predilection
About choosing from my collection
So after some introspection
I made a tough selection
Hoping for a connection
That would pass inspection.
After viewing the winners' section
My emotions went another direction.
It felt like a hit to the midsection
And I hid under the covers for protection.

01 April 2013

Separation Celebration

Separation Celebration
30 March 2013

The announcement on Facebook
Of celebrating retirements
Was the invitation's hook
To meet a party's requirements.
Annette and Earl get to ignore
That hated alarm clock chore,
Rolling over for one more snore
And don't report for work anymore.
Common folks, both young and old,
Gathered at Vicki's Ramona bungalow,
Socializing all over the threshold
Inside and out, going with the flow.
Eating before hunger could vanquish us,
Chicken was a stomach-filling contender.
The barbecue sauce was delicious;
With ham and short ribs being tender.
Mixing and mingling in knots,
While drinking soda and beer,
People were toasting with shots
Making for plenty of cheer.
A band was set up in the driveway
With dancing just because,
Live music was more organic that way.
What a fun party it was!