19 June 2011

Lament and Vent

Lament and Vent
17 June 2011
I haven’t felt up to par or normal all day
But I think I’ll go to the gym anyway,
I just hate a slight cold and not feeling well.
When five minutes on the treadmill is hell.
What’s even more irritating and irksome
Is the rhyming part of my brain still works some.

10 June 2011

Hooray for Today!

Hooray for Today!

9 June 2011

I feel like praising and prizing today,

Not that it’s different from yesterday.

Today offers possibilities in this way:

Not just stopping to smell the roses,

But noticing the color metamorphoses

From a petal’s center of lemon

To it’s outward lip of salmon.

I’m celebrating the immediate

And another chance to create.

Nature cycles at it’s own rate

So the roses in my garden today

Won’t be in next week’s bouquet.

Today is a self-contained event,

That’s why it’s called the present.