18 April 2010

Clan Plan

Clan Plan

by Al Smith

18 April 2010

Two phone calls: one of information

And a second one of expectation,

Clarification, explanation and examination

All to avoid the exasperation

Of cross-communication.

Whether or not we’ll be able

To match each other’s timetable,

Exploring each possibility

To the point of incontrovertibility

Coming up with a solution

And making a resolution

Of whether to go or stay

And what will work each day.

With my nephew’s move everything changed

Now my whole life’s become rearranged.

I used to always go there

Now everybody’s coming here.

Instead of making reservations

I don’t have to change locations.

It seems like in a blink

I’m having to rethink

And this paradigm shift

Leaves me a bit miffed.

In spite of feeling somewhat bemuddled

I want to make plans that won’t be scuttled.

01 April 2010

Brisk Risk

Brisk Risk

1 April 2010

Yesterday I went for a hike

And got hit by a bike.

In a canyon up from the coast

I was hit, well almost.

Our sight didn’t extend

To see around the bend.

The speed gave him a thrill

As he came down a hill.

The bike was traveling fast

As he went zooming past.

From then on to keep from getting hurt

We would yell out, “Bike Alert!”