27 September 2012

Party Hearty

A friend asked me to write a generic birthday poem.

Party Hearty
27 Sept 2012

We heard of something divine
Thru a friend's grapevine,
And wanted to drop you a line
To let you know this is genuine.
It's time for a celebration,
To kick up your heals.
Yeah, it's a declaration
Of how good it feels.
Bring on the birthday cheer
Of drink, candles and cake.
It happens only once a year
So make the memory a keepsake.

26 September 2012

Vacation Typification

Vacation Typification
24 Sept 2012

The MP3 music's bopping.
Step on the gas and keep hopping.
Crossing the mountain we aren't stopping
Even tho our ears are popping.
Although it seems to give you pains
To simply switch highway lanes,
We're playing leapfrog by lane swapping.
Past the summit the elevation starts dropping.
Coasting down from the pass
Improves milage and saves gas.
We have to turn and swerve
To make the next curve.
We're going fast, for goodness' sakes,
Before we wreck, hit the brakes!

17 September 2012

Yesterday's Heroes

Yesterday's Heroes
14 Sept 2012

Men of World War Two,
Called the Greatest Generation,
Did what they had to do
Earning eternal veneration.
After coming home, they bought bungalows
With master bedrooms, picture windows,
Sliding glass doors and backyard patios.
Everyone started watching TV shows.
Those fighting GI Joes
Are yesterday's heroes.

Fighting in the jungles of Viet Nam
Was schizophrenic and unpredictable,
At times there was confusion and bedlam.
Many media stories were contradictable.
The men came home to stereos,
Women wearing pantyhose,
Muscle cars, paisley clothes
And eating sloppy joes.
Alas, today's John Does
Are yesterday's heroes.

09 September 2012

Cool Dip Pool Tip

Cool Dip Pool Tip
9 Sept 2012

All this dancing's making me sweat
The caller's moving us so fast
My clothes are getting all wet.
I don't think my stamina'll last.
I know, let's go and get cool
By square dancing in the pool.

This caller's the fastest talker in town,
Staying in here, we'll only get hotter.
I think I know of a place to cool down,
Let's go dance and splash in the water.
That's a way for us to get cool,
By square dancing in the pool.

04 September 2012

Vacation Conversation

This was inspired by my niece's blog: http://kristamaesmith.wordpress.com/2012/08/21/an-ode-to-the-travel-bug/

Vacation Conversation
3 Sept 2012

Come away with me, my dear.
Let's plan to get out of here.
The window's view is a nice touch,
But it doesn't change that much.
Let's go on a traveling vacation
Where the scenery has variation.
We'll give our routine the slip,
Shake things up by taking a trip.
Perhaps we'll risk the dangers
Of having to trust strangers.
You never know what we'll find.
Really, tho most people are kind.
They're going their busy way
Unmindful of our visiting foray.
If we don't make it too abrupt
They won't mind a pattern interrupt.
If introductions aren't too awkward
Their hospitality might be a reward.
There's a big wide world to see.
It'll be an adventure for you and me.
Come away with me, my dear.
Let's plan to get out of here.