25 April 2017

Meal Appeal

Meal Appeal

19 April 2017

Dinner wasn’t normal comfort food
With the usual texture and taste.
This meal came with attitude
And it wasn’t made in haste.
The flavors were an attention getter.
The different presentation was no decoy.
Dinner wasn’t comfort food; it was better.
So my taste buds are dancing for joy!

13 April 2017

Body Haul On A Rock Wall

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Body Haul On A Rock Wall
8 April 2017

Fingers gripping and toes upholding
The climber rises like a slow kite.
With concentration and skill molding,
Defying gravity to reach a new height.
The crosswind erratically tugs
As the rock climber slowly advances,
On the way up positioning lugs,
Securing the climbing mate’s chances
Of a successful mountaineering.
The buddy retrieving anchors as she goes,
Sometimes requiring body engineering
And the shifting of equipment cargos.
At the top, another anchor will suffice,
Then long ropes are thrown down.
The descent is belayed thru a device.
With the ropes placed, they go to town.
Going up and down becomes child’s play
And a pleasant way to end the day.