12 June 2010

Retirement Inspirement

June 4th was my twin brother's last day at work. Technically he's on vacation until his retirement is official in July.

Retirement Inspirement

12 June 2010

As I began to inquire

About my options to retire

My thinking got set on fire

By the choices before I expire.

The flames were fed by a desire

At the thought of what would transpire.

My head began to thrum

Thinking of ending the burdensome

Martyrdom of the humdrum,

And to whisper freedom.

After twenty years plus some

It’s tempting to pick the plum

Swinging with life’s pendulum.

I need to reduce things to a minimum

Sometime in this millennium

And push my frolicsome

Time to the maximum,

Perhaps going to the gymnasium

Or driving to the Exploratorium.

Yes, it’s not delirium.

It’s time to become

More adventuresome,

Find new uses for my cranium,

Indulge my hobby compendium,

And hang out with any chum-ium.

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