11 June 2013

Description Depiction

Description Depiction
4 June 2013

Not some banditry
Nor a tedious litany,
But a bit of poetry
That's all about me.
Since high school
I've worn glasses.
My face isn't a tool
To please the masses.
I have a toothy grin
And a ponytail.
Although I'm thin,
I'm not that frail.
My skin is pale;
My veins are blue.
That's the tale
I'm sticking to.
Don't judge a book by its cover.
A far inferior exterior
Doesn't show off the lover
With a superior interior.
My written verbosity
Presents at times
My innate curiosity
And a love of rhymes.
I may look like a Nazarene
With interactions that are gracious
And come across all serene,
But my pursuit of goals is tenacious.
Other characteristics
Like competitive and organized
Are among my statistics.
A sense of humor is prized.
A chance to be creative
And play card games
Makes me appreciative
And furthers my aims.

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