08 October 2012

This Person's Life Lessons

This Person's Life Lessons
6 October 2012

The rules of life stipulate:
Dress up, show up, participate.
Always give it your best shot.
Be a player, not just vegetate.
You never know how long you've got.
Discover and follow you passion,
Wether it's in or out of fashion.
Do the very best you can.
Be above the barbs, stings
And insults of humanity's clan
That living in society brings,
Like assaults on your values.
Usually it's the little things
That make you sing the blues
And tug at your heartstrings.
Whatever life offers, you can refuse,
Refuse to take the easy way out.
You always have a chance to choose
A life that's worthwhile throughout.
Life always gives you chances
To be bigger than circumstances.

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