12 May 2010

Station Variation

This past weekend I went camping with the fairies, sisters, bears and other queers. I wrote this poem last summer after camping for Leather/Levi Weekend. One night they had a demo tent with stations for different forms of interaction.

Station Variation
by Al Smith
August 2009

Make a fist and hit
It may hurt a bit
Pound & punch away
Can you take it all day?
Is it your wish
To take all I dish?

Let me give you a jolt
It won’t be a thunderbolt
We’ll start with just a tingle
And ramp up the juice ‘til you jingle
Ping, ping, ping, ping
Until you sing.

Let me give you a tap
I’ll keep it consistent
Like a soft slap.
Soon the insistent
Vibrations of rap, rap
Will send sensations
Of nerve modulations.

Just look at the cat of nine tails
The very picture of prison & jails
As it hits my back
Give me no slack
Put me in my place
Send me into alternate space.

Single Tail
Oh the whip long
Single tail so strong
Such a quick sting
You make me sing
I raise my voice
To my toy of choice.

Go on by the hour,
Please don’t stop.
Give me a hot shower
Of wax drop by drop.
Yes, the hot wax
Helps me relax.

I’ll be the slut.
You get out the planking.
I’ll put out my butt,
You give me a spanking.
I really mean thanks
For all the spanks.

To begin the skin
Is not virgin.
Don’t you constrain;
What keeps me sane
I attain from the pain
Of a cane.

I’ll make a fist
That’s hard to resist
And insert it to my wrist.
Then with a twist
I’ll be assisting
Your liking of fisting.

It’s all about sensation
And intense stimulation.
This is my ode
To sensory overload.
Let the endorphins flow.
Bring on that afterglow.

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