04 December 2017

Heart-warming And Charming

Heart-warming And Charming

28 November 2017

Your beauty welcomes me.
Your visual appeal touches me
And goosebumps manifest
To make me feel blessed.
Good looks come from symmetry, 
Proportion and repetition,
Like in the marble parquetry.
All three are done to perfection.
Everywhere, underfoot and overhead,
Is elegance and loveliness.
Prettiness and grandeur are wed
Into luxury and courtliness.
The paucity of my treasury
Prevents me from staying long.
My enjoyment must be momentary,
Short, like I don't belong.
The fleeting moments are stowed,
In my memory where they won't corrode,
To warm my heart with grandness
From the sparks of beauty's flame.
In times of poverty and blandness,
I reflect back on your lovely acclaim.

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