29 October 2017

Guidelines Road Signs

Guidelines Road Signs

27 October 2017

While traveling on vacation,
Anywhere across the nation,
Look for signs high and low
So you know where to go.
Hoping that by using GPS
You’ll avoid getting lost,
And steer clear of any mess
That would add to the cost.
In an unfamiliar location
It’s easy to misinterpret
The guidepost’s indication
And decide the right gambit.
In cities with multiple lanes
Sometimes it’s hard to see
Which way is right and pertains
Or leads to missed opportunity.
One wrong turn and suddenly
You have to get back on track.
The map app helps certainly
When you’re out of whack.
Still it’s a traffic matter 
Of being in the right place
So you don’t go splatter
From being in the wrong space.

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