04 October 2017

Xenophobia Phobia

Xenophobia Phobia

2 October 2017

As I juggle my internal struggle,
Emotion says they’re strange.
Logic says it’s time to change.
It’s hard to predict my inner conflict.
One part gives an unalike sermon,
Another whispers we’re all human.
One idea that I wrestle
Is they’re not people to nestle,
Versus we’re all in the same vessel.
Eternally I grapple internally
With an urge of what I ought
Against all rational thought.
I have notions of conflicting emotions,
Of wishing others ill and harm
Or keeping them safe and warm.
By day and night, myself I fight;
Against impulse to ignore and deny
Hoping my better self comes by.
As I blunder, sometimes I wonder
If it’s innate, this instinct to hate
Or if I can overcome that trait.

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