11 September 2017

Jubilation And Appreciation

Jubilation And Appreciation

10 Sept 2017

My day began with joy and thanksgiving.
The joy in my heart comes from my inner child
And thanksgiving arises from this life I’m living.
Since my everyday ego and inner child reconciled,
There’s been an attitudinal and behavioral change.
I no longer have a compulsion for perfection.
I efficiently do my tasks and act to rearrange
My way of doing things and my personal direction.
One day I realized that it doesn’t matter,
How I dress doesn’t matter a lot.
Nobody will remember that stain or splatter.
My chore order isn’t the final upshot.
As long as the final result pleases me
Nitpicking doesn’t matter anymore.
I get to do whatever appeases me
And make the mundane less of a chore.

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