08 November 2018

Cry Awry

Cry Awry

21 Sept 2018

You're losing sleep.
Cancer's the reason why.
The hurt runs deep,
So go ahead and cry.
Your life's been sideswiped
And it's direction has altered.
As you've been stereotyped,
Perhaps your step has faltered.
There's a new normal starting now.
You're not sure of what will be.
You'll manage to get by somehow
In spite of all the ache and misery.
Unexpectedly life's different.
You're mourning the way it was.
Living has a new battlefront.
You don't care about dramas.
People around you voice opinions.
Regardless of what splatters,
You stick to your guns
And focus on what matters.
The pain and hurt run deep.
For some relief, go ahead and cry.
You're losing way too much sleep
And cancer's the reason why.

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